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[Infographic] Hotelogix simplifies hotel management for Think Properties

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi


Think Properties, a lifestyle apartment hotel situated in New York and Miami, offers customers cost-effective accommodation with a variety of amenities. The property was in need of a flexible system that could look after their web booking reservations and enhance front desk activities as their current excel-based platform wasn’t capable of streamlining operations.

Mark Shemel, the owner of the property, found Hotelogix to be the ideal solution as it was capable of adapting to the hotel’s unique, personalized style of dealing with each guest. It also included a user-friendly booking engine and helped the property ramp up its overall efficiency, cutting down on time demands by as much as 75%.


The cloud-based hotel management system is gradually beginning to play an increasingly important role in the business strategy of a successful hotel. In today’s digital, internet dominated age of mobile bookings and online check-ins, switching to cloud-based management has become the norm.

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