Hotelogix- Guest Blogging Guidelines


It is good to know that you want to contribute to Hotelogix' blogs, and we thank you for that. We consider guest posts as sources of valuable insights for our target audience.  

Please note that we receive several guest post contribution requests daily, making it difficult to accept all of them. To help you submit your posts easily, we have put together some important guidelines.

We hope you find them helpful.

Our target audience consists of businesses in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and serviced apartments. We aim to help these businesses streamline processes, improve efficiency, and boost revenue growth. We have tailored our solutions to meet the needs of various hotel industry professionals, including property managers, revenue managers, front office staff, and other hospitality experts who require effective tools to manage their operations, distribution, revenue management and marketing. In addition, we also cater to technology providers, travel agencies, and other organizations that collaborate with the hospitality industry.

You are more than welcome to contribute to these topics:

  • Hospitality industry trends and insights: This could include blogs about the latest trends in the hospitality industry, such as changes in traveler behaviour, emerging markets, and technological advancements.
  • Revenue management: Blog posts focusing on hotel revenue management strategies, including tips on optimizing pricing and distribution strategies.
  • Distribution and channel management: Blog posts that cover distribution and channel management topics, including strategies for optimizing presence on online travel agencies (OTA) for indirect booking.
  • Direct bookings: Tips and tricks to generate more direct bookings via the hotel website with a booking engine.
  • Property management: Blog posts that cover best practices for property management, including housekeeping, maintenance, and guest relations.
  • Marketing and branding: Blog posts that offer tips and insights into marketing and branding strategies for hotels and vacation rentals, including social media marketing, email marketing, and reputation management.
  • Guest experience: Blog posts that focus on enhancing the guest experience, including tips on creating memorable guest experiences and improving customer service.
  • Technology and innovation: Blog posts that cover the latest technological advancements in the hospitality industry. For example - AI, IoT, robots and others.

💡Important Things to Note:

➼ Let's start by collaborating and agreeing on a topic and outline before you begin writing. This is for us to stay on the same page to avoid confusion.

➼ Once we have agreed on the topic and outline, please let us know the deadline for submitting the article for our review.

➼ Your completed blog should be shared with us as a Google Doc using the following sharing settings: On - Anyone with the link; Access - Can edit.

➼ We will review the blog and make any necessary edits directly in the Doc. If you would like to keep an original version of your writing, please make a copy.

➼ Along with your blog, please include your short bio. Include your LinkedIn profile link and/or website. We will let you know when the post goes live.

➼ If we decide to publish the post, please note that Hotelogix will own the content.

➼ We cannot publish any blog with plagiarism issues or promotional content, such as links to your homepage or service/product page. However, we do accept 1 external link (that redirects to a blog page) in exchange for a link from a website with a DA of 35+.

➼ Please note that we do not republish anything that has already been published elsewhere.

Guest Post Requirements:

  • We appreciate excellent content and are seeking writers who can produce unique, impressive, impactful, high-quality, and well-researched blogs.
  • For optimal reader engagement, we suggest that posts be 2000-2500+ words in length, as this is a sweet spot with our audience. Longer posts are also welcome.
  • To enhance readability, please include headings, subheadings, bullets, and other elements to break up your content.
  • We prefer a natural, conversational/formal tone, as we aim to share authoritative content but not robotic. We love humour, but we do ask that you maintain a PG-13 rating.
  • All content must be 100% original and plagiarism-free, with original concepts, compelling arguments, and high-quality writing.
  • Please cite your sources, particularly when using data points. We ask that you link to credible sources not older than 2-3 years.
  • Draw on your experience to speak authoritatively about what you know on the topic. Feel free to explain each point with real and measurable examples.
  • We encourage you to link to at least 3-5 other existing blogs in your piece and backlink to our older posts that relate to the topic you're writing about.
  • A punchy ending that summarizes the overarching message and includes a riveting dictum, a question, or a directive to the reader is recommended. Include CTA, so that readers know what to do next.
  • Be prepared for edits. We may ask you to make several corrections if the content still isn't right or feels off. While we expect top-notch quality, we're happy to answer any questions you may have before submission.

The submission process

  • To get started, please email us at with your blog topic ideas. We kindly request you include links to your LinkedIn profile and previously published work samples. It will help us understand your writing style.
  • Once we receive your topic, we will review it and let you know within a week if it has been accepted.
  • Before writing the blog post, we recommend submitting a short outline to ensure that we are aligned on the writing style and content.
  • If there are any discrepancies, we will provide feedback and kindly request that you make modifications accordingly.
  • When submitting the post, please include a three-sentence author bio. Your author profile can include one link back to your web page, portfolio page, or Twitter handle. All links will open in a new tab.
  • We evaluate all content for originality, flow, grammar, and readability. These factors will determine whether we publish the post or not. Once we receive the guest blog, we reserve the right to edit it for SEO optimization or reject it if it's not a good fit for our audience.