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How Cloud PMS will Help you Win Over Competing Hotels


Hotels winning with Technology

With technology changing by the millisecond, hotels should also be ready to adapt to newer and more efficient systems. Why spend more time and money on systems which are costing you both in terms of money and resources? Instead hotels should shift to systems which are more cost effective and can be better revenue generators.
Hotels should now truly bid adieu to the legacy property management systems and whole heartedly adopt cloud based solutions. Now is not the time to sit on the fence and keep second guessing, we shall show you how a cloud based solution can give your property an edge over your competition.

Cloud Based Systems are more cost effective

The differences in pricing starts from the word go, a cloud based solution does not require any electrical wiring or extra hardware. Your present systems are more than sufficient. Thus imagine, you can do away with the annual maintenance contracts for the numerous hardware required in legacy systems, also the IT support team can easily be a one-man job.

With a cloud based solution there are no recurring costs of system, product and software updates which can be a huge expenditure for hotels, any software upgrade done on the cloud is automatic, and the benefit is passed on to the consumer.

Hotel can be accessed from anywhere

Hotel owners and managers can access the property from anywhere as long as they have access to internet. Whether in the property or in some continent across the globe, the managers have access to all the MIS that they require. This also ensures that the managers don’t need to constantly sit behind the desk, instead they can spend more time in building a relationship with their guests.


In Cloud based systems, all upgrades are done online and therefore are always available to customer, but in legacy, upgrades take a significant effort and bandwidth not to mention the cost associated

Training and Support in Cloud Based is swift and available online 24/7

Cloud based systems can provide support round the clock and since the support is live, the cost of support gets passed on to the customer, whereas in a legacy system, there is cost involved for any and every support required.
Training for the staff would also be more efficient since the support team can help them round the clock.

Hotels use cloud systems to improve efficiency

Better Distribution

Hotels can be more globally visible via the cloud based system. Now more than ever, bookings are done via OTA’s or directly online. Hotels need to ensure that they can be as visible as possible so that the brand recognition is there. In a Legacy system something as simple as integrating your own hotel’s booking website with a Legacy software would take a significant amount of engineering which then gets defined into a cost.
With cloud based solutions hotels gets better integration with the online world and at a much faster pace without requiring extra manpower managing the various distribution channels.

Cost flexibility

Cloud based solutions have the flexibility of various payment options, so it is more scalable. The hotel can choose the options that work for them as per how their business is going.. A hotel is also able to initially use a free trial which helps minimize their doubts on whether the system would work for their property or not, which is not available in several legacy systems.

Also with a cloud based system, in case an hotelier at some point feels that the system is not right, they are not bound to it and can cancel their contract anytime.


Security is much higher in cloud based systems; data gets managed at high-end data centres which have very powerful and comprehensive in-built data security systems. Data gets backed up almost every hour, and uptime guaranteed by data centres is nothing less than 99%.

These are just some of the many benefits of having a cloud based system, so in case you want better ROIs and efficient systems for your property there is nothing left to consider. Switch over to cloud now.

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Hotels use cloud systems to improve efficiency