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Disadvantage of Legacy Property Management Systems


Cloud based pmsIt is called legacy for a reason. A legacy is something that is handed down from previous generations, or outdated. Many legacy property management systems are still based on technology that was used in the 1980s. While big hair and track suits may have faded away with the times, legacy PMS stuck around in the hospitality industry. Cloud systems are slowly rolling in but legacy systems have remained in place as have the bulky servers that come with them. But legacy systems aren’t just outdated. They can’t perform as well as cloud systems and, in a highly competitive industry, a legacy system can put you far behind the properties that took the opportunity to update their PMS.

Legacy PMS falls short in the distribution department. Being able to distribute online is essential to a property’s business model. With more and more channels using online booking, it is crucial that a property can connect with these opportunities through an efficient PMS. To stay on top of the game your property needs to be constantly sharing data with global distribution systems and online travel agencies to get the most bookings possible. The old PMS have poor distribution capability and thankfully have been upgraded with the cloud system.

The old legacy systems can’t automatically update the software, wasting precious time when it comes to distribution. Legacy systems cannot provide the two-way seamless communication between booking channels, integrate social media distribution and mobile bookings. With fully automated cloud software, hoteliers can focus their time and energy toward creating a quality experience for their guests rather than the manual processing of data.