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Why to Choose Cloud Based PMS Over Legacy Systems


Cloud Based Property Management Software

With tech advances, information is shifting to the clouds. There is no longer a need for physical space to store your information; it can be store securely off-site in the cloud. Finding an effective property management system can change your entire business. With a streamlined management system, you will have more free time to devote bettering your property and the guest experience.

With a single piece of software property management systems (PMS) will allow you to mange maintenance tasks, room sales, payroll, online reservations and countless other operational functions. These systems can even link with central reservation systems and revenue management systems to make a comprehensive center where all property tasks can be managed in one program. No more opening and closing out of different programs, copying and pasting them into spreadsheets for comparisons, or tracking down lost data. There is only one program that houses all your information and data.

But there are two main types of PMS that differ slightly. While they both tend to get the same end results, most hoteliers have a clear preference for one or the other. Which one is better for your property?

Cloud PMS

Cloud systems offer a way to centralize the management system without the bulk and tech requirements of a conventional property management system. But some hoteliers still have reservations about making the switch because they are not 100 percent sure if cloud is completely secure or if their information is safe. And it is more expensive.

  • A cloud system does not rely on hardware that can crash.
  •  No need for experienced technicians for maintenance and set up.
  • Uses the internet for connection.
  • Easy to learn and very user friendly.
  • Quick upgrades.

Legacy PMS

If you already have a PMS in place, chances are it is a legacy one. There is no need to rush away from a legacy PMS, but if you plan on getting new software, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of both before renewing.

  • Requires a server to store information. May need a separate serves for each property.
  • May require a technician for some tasks.
  • Data is secure within your own network.
  • Data is available without an Internet connection and doesn’t up the bandwidth usage.