PMS-Balm-for-Gold-Coast’s-Bed-TaxThe premier tourist destination of Australia is rattled with the outcry against the recently proposed compulsory bed tax.  Gold Coast has been revered as a fun and exciting destination. The tourist hotspot is known to provide 17,000 jobs in the hospitality industry, which is a chunky 7% of the job employment in the area. Though there have been heated debates over the bed tax, it is up to the hoteliers to take a call on whether to revamp their managing agenda or cope with the latest bed tax as just another cross to bear. With a thriving hospitality industry, PMS can play a larger role in the Gold Coast to drive in revenue, improve efficiency and tap into the blooming job market.

Bed tax is not a new entity in the hospitality industry, globally several countries quote bed tax. The induction of the bed tax was paved with good intention to generate higher revenue to uplift and improve the tourism infrastructure of Gold Coast. But, the onset of a bed tax at a time when the hospitality industry is grappling with economic slowdown is being referred to as ‘ill-timed’ though ‘well-intended’.

But, if property owners are clever and swift on their feet they can equip themselves with an efficient technology that can give them both leverage and sustenance when they are facing economic distress at any point. The Gold Coast bed tax has sparked the necessity to build a system wherein the accommodation owner stands more to gain and less to lose. While affordable PMS technology has helped several small-scale accommodations to shift from expensive manual labor to cheaper technological assistance, it is yet to be used to its full potential.

PMS technology caters to the needs of B&B’s to large scale hotels and lodgings. Integrating technology in hospitality management doesn’t mean loss of jobs, but it is a tool that can sharpen service, cut costs at various levels and gain momentum in the business. Whether bed tax is here to stay or not, Gold Coast has woken up to realize the importance of service and survival in the hospitality industry. Clever property managers can a take this as a cue and sharpen their property management with credible PMS solutions!

Though small sized accommodations owners fear to lose a lot over the bed tax bargain, it would be best to be prepared for the inevitable by adopting a valuable and economical PMS option. Hotelogix’s trial version of their easy to adapt cloud-based PMS, can introduce hoteliers and accommodations to a mighty relief; to cope and stay afloat as they continue to grapple with taxes and economic burden. Try the Hotelogix trial version and familiarize yourself with an affordable PMS that can take the heat off the bed tax!