your-secret-is-safe-in-the-cloudIt is unbelievable as to the number of advantages Cloud systems has over Legacy systems. Chiefly, the security and confidential of your hospitality management data is lips-sealed with cloud PMS. While you may be able to access your data and information remotely from any device on a cloud system, that doesn’t mean that any device can access the data. There are many inbuilt security measures to ensure that only authorized parties can access the information and that the information stays secure.

Switching to a new system can be unsettling when there are myths floating around about the possible pitfalls of new technology. Most hoteliers who have made the switch to cloud systems, have found that their apprehensions and doubts regarding security of information were answered. Hoteliers who made the transition, felt that their information was actually more secure in the cloud than it was on their property. That’s because cloud property management systems (PMS) takes extra steps to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your valuable business information.

Top five reasons cloud systems are more secure than legacy PMS:

1. Data is not on the premises

Which means there is a decrease in risk for the operator. PCI compliance standards (a set of requirements ensuring that companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment) drops significantly. The cloud provider bears the responsibility of keeping your secrets under wraps.

2. Combative spyware and anti-virus

There are high quality malware and anti-virus protections on cloud based systems. Although many hoteliers download extra protection for their legacy systems, the protection is incomplete or not updated promptly, leaving the system vulnerable.

3. Defensive protection at the best price

Top cloud PMS vendors have a larger budget to devote to security. Cloud systems know how to offer the best protection because they are in the business of safely storing data. They also devote more resources to ensuring quality protection whether it is a small or medium sized hotel.

4. Confidentiality is Key

Many providers will sign a nondisclosure agreement, binding them to complete confidentiality when it comes to the information stored through the system.

5. Backed-up and secure information

Cloud systems back up all the information stored on the cloud. Hoteliers need not fear or worry losing any data or vital guest information when working with a cloud PMS.

When it time’s to replace your PMS, go for the cloud. Not only will your data be safe and secure, your business will flow with ease and your customers will see the difference.

Security is of prime importance, when is it comes to any business or industry. Given that several hoteliers are trusted by their esteemed guests to protect their identity and important credentials, security is a pressing issue. With several online and offline transactions being completed by the minute in any small to large scale hospitality domains, security and confidentiality is cause for worry for every hotelier. Now you can look forward to relying on cloud PMS that saves your troubles. Hotelogix’s secure property management system is built intricately to secure and maintain confidentiality of all your stored information. Try Hotelogix’s theft-proof cloud PMS to give your security worries a permanent rest!