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9 Benefits of Revenue Management Software for Your Hotel

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

9 Benefits of Revenue Management Software for Your Hotel

Hotel revenue management software continues to be a relevant addition to hotels’ inner workings. This is because RMS can seamlessly handle the cumbersome duties of your entire revenue department. Its ability to relieve pressure on employees leaves room for hospitality improvements across the board.

Revenue management systems are always expanding and adapting to the current state of the industry. It only makes sense to follow suit and let RMS maximize your hotel revenue. Today, there are dozens of RMS out there to choose from. Each one contains its own set of features that could be tailored to transform the revenue of any hotel.

Regardless of how many rooms or locations you manage, an RMS is the most profitable solution to your hotel revenue. From streamlined data and seamless integrations, hotel revenue management software presents plenty of benefits for hoteliers.

Benefits of Revenue Management

At its core, hotel revenue management software automates the processes of revenue with intelligent algorithms. It takes data in real-time and makes it digestible for marketing teams and hotel management. As a result, hoteliers are given the key to the most accurate statistics for the growth of their business.

Benefits like these set the foundation for a successful hotel. Knowing this, investing in the best RMS easily becomes a great idea. Here are a few other benefits to help you make your decision.

1. Integrates with your Property Management System

Hotels encompass several departments that all work in conjunction to achieve star ratings. This is especially the case for hotels with more amenities and incentives than others.

Either way, hotel managers understand the frustration associated with all the systems involved here. Each hotel department needs its own set of services to make jobs easier and guests happier. Therefore, the best hotel revenue management software can integrate with other software and services.

For example, your property management system supervises daily operations. From the front desk to maintenance, PMS instantly accommodates business requirements. So, when this is integrated with your RMS, it opens a world of growth opportunities.

This integration streamlines a process that is already streamlined! First, the PMS ingests reservation, cancellation, security data, and more. Then it pushes this most recent information into the RMS so accurate calculations can take place. Integrations like these stack optimized solutions on top of each other to cover any gaps.

2. Allows you to analyze better and get an accurate matrix

Revenue management has always required staff with an expansive skillset. This is because revenue management requires observant computations over a broad span of operations. Revenue managers have to manually keep tabs on trends and make educated guesses on the next best financial step.

Headaches like these disappear as RMS delivers immediate computations. This intelligent software can take the most relevant data and analyze it with historical data in no time at all. So now, your data is as accurate as possible. As a bonus, the data is thoroughly dissected and compared with several data points. This feature gives you a bird’s eye view of the finances from every angle.

3. Saves loads of time

Consider all the parts of your revenue management. Think of all the time it takes to effectively perform each procedure. Now, imagine how much time is saved when all these systems become instantaneous. This is exactly what you get with RMS since all the moving parts are handled immediately.

RMS automates all the tasks necessary for well-managed revenue. Since it gets it right the first time, there’s no need for timely backtracking and re-doing. Time is money, and there’s no room to go backward.

With so much time being saved at every turn, workers can tend to more pressing tasks. Instead of chronically thumbing through records, let the RMS deliver what you need. Spend the extra hours perfecting your hotel’s reputation and optimizing finances.

4. Easier on your expenses

Human error is another problem mended by RMS. Analyzing thousands of records from massive databases takes a lot of brainpower. As meticulous as revenue management teams are, there is still room for data to slip through the cracks. When this happens, costly errors and mishaps take place.

Human mistakes happen, but in this case, mistakes take money away from a growing business. These errors may seem minuscule at the time. However, over time, human oversights cost businesses millions of dollars every year. This happens because of forgotten data or calculations that have missed the mark.

RMS makes you feel comfortable enough to stop putting money into more revenue-handling resources. With more money in your pocket, you can focus on more profitable expenditures. RMS pulls the most recent data which can be used to make the most accurate predictions. In doing this, a hotel can make the most out of its profits instead of squandering them away.

The cost of an RMS is nothing compared to the money lost from manual revenue processes. With hotel revenue management software, you either pay a flat rate or use a subscription service where you can add features as you grow.

5. Provides revenue estimation

Since RMS pulls historical data, it can make estimates about the future of your revenue. It uses statistical measurements and analytics to properly compare historical data with current marketing and industry trends. This is how hotel revenue management software jumps the hurdles and sets the foundation for future revenue results.

RMS is beneficial in this way regardless of if you have a large chain or small hotel business. It can show you revenue performance over time and help you project future endeavors. With the busy work done for you, you now have more time to think of new strategies for even more growth.

6. Helps with market segmentation

A good RMS is capable of keeping up with the ever-changing hospitality market. This feature can help hotel management discover the best avenues for marketing strategies. With an eye on changes and revenue predictions, authentic groups can be established and targeted.

Hotel revenue management software can ingest all the information from transactional data. With so much influential information at your request, you can begin to develop a more in-depth understanding of your guests’ experiences. With this information, you can begin to augment your current marketing ploys to direct attraction from your most loyal guests.

With security measures at close hand, RMS can easily sift through guest data for you. With this, you can be in the minds of your audience and give them what they want before they even realize they want it. This is how marketing campaigns made custom for the right people expand your hotel’s engagement.

7. Recommends rates

This is another step in a revenue process that RMS takes the liberty of doing. It can recommend the best rates possible based on historical data. This means instead of relying on flat rates, you can rely on RMS to show you the best daily rates possible for the best cash flow.

Intelligent decision-making is the backbone of revenue management. RMS aids with this using accurate data to determine the best rates per room, per day. So, instead of having a fixed rate at all times, you can try to implement more financially secure methods.

8. Does competitor analysis

It always helps to know what the competition is doing. With RMS, you can check the rates and services provided by your competitors. Having this information at hand can give you an edge in the industry.

Leveraging your competitor’s performance can help you set the stage for your strategies. Comp set analysis takes a group of hotels like yours and uses this data to find existing rates and product information.

With this data, you can build from the crumbs they leave behind. Set your prices to compete with theirs based on your products and services. Find where they lack in marketing and guest relations and implement a better system for your hotel.

9. Forecasts demand

The intelligent reporting software in RMS can forecast, build, and share the most crucial reports at the end of each day. Using these incredible sets of data to forecast supply and demand revenue is a must.

RMS can take these complex analytics and rip through the datasets to flawlessly forecast guest patterns. As trends ebb and flow, hotel revenue management software constantly adjusts to the uncertain future. Essentially, it can keep tabs on everything at once and give you relevant and realistic predictions.


RMS is constantly evolving. It counts to find RMS that is scalable and can always check the boxes. These money-making benefits can be tailored to your unique hotel business and optimize your revenue. From impressive reporting features to predictive analysis, there’s no room for expensive miscalculations.

The automation provided by hotel revenue management software allows lengthy workflows to be streamlined. This effectively saves time and money and makes space for more projects and policies made to make a statement in the hospitality industry.