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TripAdvisor Webinar – How Review Express can boost your hotel’s online authority

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

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Cloud-based services have reshaped the very foundation of globally hospitality. Thanks to real-time integration with channel managers, hoteliers can now sell their rooms on global platforms and attract guests from around the world. But does this increased exposure always translate to higher occupancy? Not necessarily.

The majority of guests today read reviews about a property before making a booking decision. So even if your property is present on all major global OTAs, guests will book elsewhere if your review scores aren’t up to the mark.

We recently hosted a webinar in collaboration with TripAdvisor’s review manager – Fernando Oliveira – and the owner of a #1 ranked property in the United States, John Pribble. Fernando spoke about the TripAdvisor’s Review Express tool – a free tool integrated with Hotelogix, that enables hotel owners to automate the review collection process. The tool makes it easy for properties to generate more reviews by sending guests gentle reminders to leave a review in the days following their check-out.

John Pribble’s presence testified to the solution’s real-world functionality, allowing hotel owners to gain perspective on how the tool can help their property.

Here are the key points discussed in the webinar –

  • How reviews influence potential guests and drive business
  • John’s secret sauce for attracting travelers and boosting his reviews by 300%
  • Free review collection tools available and the power of automation

If you missed out on the webinar, you can download the video to learn how optimizing your review collection can significantly boost your hotel’s conversion on OTAs and even direct booking platforms!

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