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360 Degree Hotel Management Helps Shape an Amazing Guest Experience


Hotel guest experience

Hotel technology has numerous options for simplifying the systems in the management for a hotel. Hotels should take advantage of these systems for they not only simplify the back end of operations but are also a great tool for creating an amazing and personalized experience for their guests.

The modern traveller can be quite demanding, they want personalised service but the staff shouldn’t be overbearing. They want instant access to information but don’t want to be asked too many questions. They wish to have details at their fingertips and expect the hotels to be able to do the same.

Cloud PMS technology is enabling hoteliers to personalize the guest experience

The cloud has enhanced accessibility to powerful management software which enables hotels to meet the needs and demands of the modern traveller. These technologies not only increase the efficiency of the hotel, but also give that extra touch of enhancing the guests experience at the property.

The guest experience can start even before they reach your property. A PMS like Hotelogix, enables the hotel to reach out to the guests during multiple stages of booking. From confirming their booking, to showcasing certain add-ons to the booking, to a keep in touch email post their departure. This is a great opportunity to personalize a guest’s stay to their liking as well as upsell other facilities available at the hotel.

Hotel PMS guest experience

Modern cloud based PMS also have systems that record guest information and preferences as well as all other details about the individual. This is an extremely powerful tool for repeat guests, their future stays can be personalised as per their liking which truly enhances their guest experiences. It is extremely satisfying for a guest to know that a hotel is on top of their preferences.

A mobile PMS can be an efficient time saver for both the staff at the hotel and their guests. Guests can check in and check out from the property via a mobile PMS if it is available at a hotel. This reduces congestion at the front desk, saves the guest time, and also eases the burden on the front desk staff, enabling them to spend more time interacting and catering to their guests needs.

Personalised guest service not only builds brand loyalty but also allows hotels to penetrate into the guest’s circle of friends and family. Hotels need to take advantage of data technology that is provided via an effective PMS and collate and source information about their guests, their preferences, their likes and dislikes and feedback about their stay at the hotel. This enables a hotel to convert a one-time guest into a repeated guest who would refer the property to their inner circle.

These tools can be extremely cost effective and actually helps a hotel to increase their efficiency as well as maximize their profits. Take the plunge now and ensure that the next time, a guest doesn’t just have a satisfied stay but has an amazing experience at the property.