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The Growing Trend of Pet-Friendly Hotels


Pet friendly hotels HotelogixEver had guests who come along with pets? Everyone wishes to check-in to hotels that accommodate pets because one out of every five has pets. Hotels should consider their guests’ feelings and make amendments to accommodate pets. Many hotels are rearing their own resident pet in order to attract more guests.

People are increasingly taking more interest in their pets. From the premium food they feed them to allowing them to sleep in their beds, people love pampering their pets. This love and attachment has forced hotels to rethink their pet policies. Pets are not allowed in hotels traditionally, but now many hoteliers are re-considering this policy. Dogs are still far more popular to travel with, but some hotels are even cat-friendly for those who are traveling with their feline friends. Whether guests are stopping for a good night’s sleep during a road trip or a spring break, hotels are starting to see the upside in letting Spot have a nice relaxing stay as well.

Pampered pets

Many hotels that are pet-friendly know how to capitalize on their guests’ soft spot. They greet the pooches with items like a dog bone, food and water dishes, a special bed and some waste bags.

Savvy hoteliers have come to understand that the way to their guests’ heart is through their pets. Some hotels go as far as offering five-star amenities and services for those lucky dogs. Services include doggy massages, gourmet meals made in the kitchen, grooming – even doggy spa services – and dog-friendly happy hours, too, which have been dubbed Yappy Hour. While these things seem a bit over the top, they get a lot of attention if not for the novelty alone.

Amenities that your hotel can offer:

Offer Nearby Places: Guests who are traveling with pets will be keen to know where nearby parks, trails and dog-friendly places are located. Your hotel can offer a list of nearby places for guests to visit, especially if your hotel does not have a large space for pets to run and play on the property.

Revise Rate Plans: Before jumping on the bandwagon and dubbing your hotel pet-friendly, you need to consider the logistics. How much should you charge for the pet? Some do a nightly fee while others charge a flat rate. This fee covers the deep cleaning of the room and any other amenities like the dog bowls, treats and grounds keeping.

Separate rooms: You need to consider allergies of other guests and keep pet-friendly rooms and other rooms separated. Before opening the doors to the four-legged friends, be sure to have a clear pet policy in place so all of your guests can enjoy your property.

Few other amenities that you can offer:

–    Complimentary pet basket (for all kind of pets) with specific menus

–     Personalized pet bowl and name tag with the name of the pet

–     Appointed and trained staff to walk down the dogs

Along with offering pet-friendly services to guests, you need to keep few rules in mind to avoid any kind of confusion. You can consider some of these rules for pets:

–    Pets should not be allowed in certain areas of the hotel like lobby, bar, restaurant etc.

–    Pets should be kept leashed and not be left unattended.

–    Don’t allow more than one pet per guest room.

–    Encourage guests to bring their pet’s bedding to avoid damage of your hotel’s furniture.

 Make sure your guest agrees with the pet policies before making the booking. The guest must be responsible for damage or injury of any kind, caused by their pets. Remember their pets should not be a nuisance to other guests.

Hotels must respect the feeling of their guests and allow pets to stay with them. By being a pet friendly hotel, you can attract more guests to your hotel but keep in mind the above rules or set new rules according to your property’s requirements.