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Download ebook : How well-strategized is your “Book Direct” approach?

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

 how to strategize direct bookings

As a hotelier, you really cannot avoid the influence of OTAs when it comes to getting indirect booking. But, looking at the hefty commission percentage you pay to your OTA partners per booking, it’s always advisable to explore various ways to acquire more direct booking that are commission-free.

To help you in your effort to get additional direct booking that can boost your room revenue, we have compiled an in-depth eBook. Download the eBook to understand how to strike the right balance between your OTA strategy and direct booking strategy to create a win-win situation for your hotel business.

What to expect from the eBook –

Impact and importance of direct booking

  1. Save on OTA commission
  2. Ensure less booking cancellation
  3. Engage with guests through pre-arrival targeting

How to increase direct booking

  1. Leverage the power of your website
  2. Integrate web booking engine
  3. Focus on your brand’s Facebook page
  4. Work with metasearch engines
  5. Increase your hotel’s online reputation
  6. Offer discounts to your guests when they book with you directly
  7. Offer loyalty program to your guests
  8. Know how to handle booking abandonment
  9. Convert your OTA guests to direct bookers

 how to strategize direct bookings