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How to Manage Your Small Resort Efficiently?


Property Management System for Resort

If the latest findings by PwC USA are to be believed, there will be high occupancy this year, especially from the group travelers. Resorts can significantly benefit from this growing demand as a large chunk of their guests are corporates and groups.

But, to do that, resorts will have to overcome common challenges like:

Inability to handle groups at once

The most common problem faced by resort managers is handling multiple check-ins/check-outs simultaneously. You don’t want your guests to wait for their turn or get agitated by filling lengthy forms. This can lead to poor guest experience and get tiresome for the staff too.

Inability to handle various outlets

Apart from the accommodation, resorts handle multiple outlets like spa, restaurants, clubs and it often becomes tedious for the staff to note the orders or activities. Absence or delay in the orders can result in major discrepancies in the folios.

Inability to manage seasonal packages

Resorts function on high season, low season basis and rate parity is a common issue faced by them. Setting rates across multiple channels manually isn’t possible in today’s era and even a legacy system cannot update the rates in real-time.  Creating and managing different packages also requires time and effort which cannot be handled with limited staff.

These problems can get cumbersome for the resort manager and lead to dissatisfying guest experience. A cloud based PMS can come to the rescue and help in managing the operations while selling the exclusive services online to attract more guests.

Here’s listing some of the key features of a PMS system in a resort:

Seasonal packages: The software efficiently manages the seasonal packages and limited period specials that a resort offers to attract more bookings. You can upsell the packages and the system also supports multi-currencies to serve the international guests. Your guests can book the predefined packages and also customize them as per their requirements. These packages can further be distributed on various third party channels using a PMS that is integrated with a centralized distribution system. This will ensure that your property gets enough visibility on the multiple channels.

Unlimited Point of Sale: The software will help set up multiple amenities and services. You can keep a record of all the orders and services and directly bill it to the folios. Guest purchase activity will be posted in real-time thus saving your staff time and effort they spend on manually keeping track. Multiple add-ons can be easily managed by the point of sale software.

Smooth check-in/out: The software can handle the bookings thus making it easier for your staff to manage check-ins/outs at the same time. The guests won’t have to wait for their turns as there will be confirmed bookings and quicker processes. Moreover, the software will help you save time in booking and reservation. It will also give the guests the liberty to book from the comfort of their home. The bookings can be made anytime of the day and is not just limited to a certain period. The booking process can be completed in minimal steps.

You can also have a smooth check-out as all the utilized services would have been included in the folios so there will be no discrepancies. Cloud based software also ensures that check-outs can be done anywhere – at the swimming pool or the guest’s room using a tablet or a smart device, thus reducing staff dependency and leading to a satisfying guest experience.

Interoperability: The software allows the staff to serve the guests efficiently as each department stays updated and works in sync. There are aplenty features like housekeeping, front desk, POS and more which will help the staff efficiently carry out their duties hence freeing up their time and effort in manually handling the operations. Instances such as absence of toiletries, un-cleaned rooms and delay in orders can result in guest dissatisfaction thus putting your property’s reputation at stake. A property management system for resort organizes everything and makes sure the tasks are carried out on time with no loopholes.

Online distribution: Resorts are widely seen on OTAs nowadays as OTAs are the best platform for them to sell their themed services and packages. Therefore, it becomes important to choose a cloud PMS which can connect to OTAs using a Channel Manager/ GDS connect.

Apart from looking at the above features of a PMS, resorts must also focus on return on experience (ROE) as the guests that arrive at resorts come to spend time away from their normal environment. Apart from accommodation, they look for variety in food, amenities, services and packages. So, resorts can use this as an opportunity to upsell their various services. Offer discounts or freebies that will enhance the guest experience and make them come back for more. Resorts should promote their amenities and services on their website for the guests to know beforehand what they should expect. Plan to engage your guests before they arrive with pre-arrival emails that display the amenities and what to expect at the property. This will build a pre-arrival excitement in your guests. Try to acquire maximum reviews from guests as this will help in attaining a good position on the online review media sites. More the reviews, more the guests you attract. Good service doesn’t require any marketing and if you can manage to impress the guests with flawless service, you are sure to attract their circle of friends and family as well.

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