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5 Questions travellers must ask before choosing their hotel


Ask These 5 Questions Before Choosing your Hotel | Hotelogix

Travelling to any destination requires a certain degree of dedication for research. From zeroing down on places to visit and modes of transport for easy movement, to keeping a tab on the cheapest flight tickets, there is a whole lot of planning that undergoes when it comes to travel. However, a crucial aspect, probably the most important one, is booking a place to stay for the duration of the travel. People look for comfort, convenience and a welcoming warmth in the places they choose to stay and these are often a combination of several important aspects. In this article, let’s look at some of these things which people must consider before making their hotel reservations.

1. Hotel Location:

While choosing a place to stay travellers need to not get carried away with the glitz and glory of popular accommodations. Sometimes the best of hotels may not be situated favorably. By that, we mean that convenience plays a pivotal role in making a place truly enjoyable. Proximity to eateries, grocery stores, local transportation hubs etc is necessary for travellers of all kinds to have a good time when they are at a new destination. Restaurants at hotels are not always affordable for everyone and so aren’t the can facilities that they offer for city tours etc. Availability of options is, therefore, always a bonus.

Now that we have access to digital maps through Google Maps and the likes, it is a great idea to check whether the hotel reservation you’re planning on making would suit your needs.

2. Hotel Rooms:

This might seem like the obvious answer when it comes to things to consider before making a hotel reservation, but, it is often also the area where travellers succumb to deception. Pictures do not always give accurate information and hotels get away without mentioning exact details of their rooms on OTA platforms or even their own websites. Size of a room, availability of amenities like a kettle, refrigerator etc may seem like small matter but, can add to the overall experience.

3. Hotel Reviews:

Travellers of today are very different from those of earlier days in terms of the fact that they have more power in their hands, thanks to the digital world. Every experience, whether good or bad, almost instantly makes its way to a review website. These days even OTAs and metasearch engines take special care to ask their patrons for feedback after their stay. In such a scenario it is easy to get a holistic perspective of how a hotel fares, giving people an opportunity to not fall flat on their faces on knowing the reality of things. It is, therefore, sensible to scan through reviews to know what to expect from a hotel you’re planning to stay at.

4. Hotel Reputation and Pricing:

In most cases, a hotel’s reputation and pricing go hand in hand. Chain hotels or renowned properties are likely to have a higher price point compared to their competitors. While one might need to do quite a bit of research to arrive at a place that suits requirements as well as budgets, it is worth every bit of time and effort. Trust comes easily with established names, that have been in the business for a long time. So, make your hotel reservation at a place you can completely rely on to back you up no matter what.

5. Hotel Safety Protocols:

The pandemic has made it inevitable for hotels to pay extra attention to cleanliness and safety protocols. Travellers are extremely cautious about the practices in place at hotels that ensure a safe stay. While some hotels or accommodation providers may seriously consider these, some have the tendency to cut corners. After all, extra precautionary measures do require that additional investment be made and not all are entirely willing to take them up. Before making a hotel reservation, it is ideal to thoroughly check their website or other information sources for a detailed explanation of the procedures in place. A hotel making ardent efforts would always put up an explanatory document for the convenience of their visitors.


Booking a hotel should never be a hurried affair. Taking time to study a hotel’s offerings is always likely to result in a satisfying experience. However, a few points, such as the ones listed above, must take precedence over other things. Do not hesitate to reach out to your accommodation provider for more information on things that matter to you, but have no or negligible mention on their website or other sources.

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