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Does your Hotel Have What It Takes to Attract International Travelers?


How to attract international travelers to your hotelThe type of guests your property will attract has a lot to do with the location of the property. If you are located in a small market with few business assets nearby, it is less likely that you will see very many international travelers. If you are located near a large city or a large corporate headquarters, however, you may see an influx of international guests. It all depends on the reason for the guests’ visit and your property’s proximity to their destination. If you are near the destination of the traveler, then there are a few things you should do to help your property vie for the business of international guests.

When international travelers are searching for a hotel, they are able to scan and compare multiple properties competing for their business. It is important that you take note of review sites and respond to both positive and negative reviews of your property. Many travelers both international and domestic trust the reviews of their peers when making their final decision. Be sure you communicate and resolve any issues with reviews to show your dedication to creating the best possible guest experience. (Read: Impact of Travel Reviews on Independent Hotel Bookings)

International travelers tend to look for a little bit more luxury than the average business traveler. After trekking across the world, they will be drawn to creature comforts that will make them feel at home and allow them to relax after a long trip. So here’s looking at some suggestions from Hotelogix on how to make your hotel attractive for international travelers.

How to attract international travelers to your hotel

If you wish to draw the attention of the potential international guest, be sure you create a welcoming and pleasant experience for every guest. With their varying backgrounds you may not be able to make each guest feel like they are in their hometown, but you should offer them uncompromising hospitality so they will leave with a positive impression of your brand and of your hometown.

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