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Caring for your Hotel Guests' Well-Being

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Caring for your Hotel Guests' Well-BeingTailoring hotel services to care for the guest’s well-being is becoming increasingly important as guests become more health conscious. From the food they eat to the sheets they sleep on, guests are becoming more particular both at home and when they are traveling.

What Other Hotels are Doing?

The popular Westin Hotel group has created a well-being initiative to make their guests more comfortable and the business more wellness-minded. Westin is offering free meditation sessions for both business and leisure travelers. Guests who have wellness routines at home will be comforted by the ability to stick with these precious habits, and those who do not have wellness routine may be surprised to find out how much they enjoy the practice.

Small & Mid-sized Hotels Take a Cue:

While not all hotels may have $15 million lying around to invest in a wellness initiative like Westin did, making small changes at your property can make your hotel more attractive to guests. You can get started by offering something as small as infused water with cucumber and mint, or by providing guests with a walking map of the area. Spa services are a huge attraction to executives who are on extended stays. There is no better way to release tension when guests are far from the comfort of their own home than a good spa treatment like a massage.

If your hotel has the budget for renovation, consider including amenities like a spa or a gym. These are two of the most in-demand features that can help boost your booking rate. If small and mid-sized hotels find themselves short of space, they can start other initiatives like meditation workshops or massage services to rejuvenate the guest. Such initiatives can take place in the guest’s room itself and do not need huge spaces.

By taking more time to consider the well-being of the guests, your property will set itself apart from the slew of hotels that see guests as mere profit.

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