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British Hotels are Cashing in on Staycations


Good hotels in UK for staycationAll across the UK, from Northern Ireland to Shetland Island, people are choosing to take their holidays within the country. There is always something to do in your own backyard, after all – it is just a matter of how creative you are willing to get.

Staycations become popular during times of economic strife, and since the pound has weakened, overseas travel has become more expensive. While the initial increase in staycations was a product of economic necessity, they have flourished into a popular way to take a stress-free holiday. Whether people choose to partake in local festivals or indulge in spa treatments, a staycatation is good for the soul and the wallet.

“Staycation surge will boost the UK tourism industry by £3.3billion compared with last year, making it worth a total of £12billion.”- (Source: Dailymail)

This is good news for hoteliers as this is the best time for tourism and you can attract a lot of people to your hotels as staycationers’ look for a reason to rest and relax and what better than a hotel? See how you can attract people to your hotel:

Plan Fun Activities: You can plan playful activities for guests, especially kids. This will keep them entertained during their stay.

Offer Amenities: Offer amenities to guests, such as, pools, playground, basketball court, games etc. so that they have a variety in amenities that they might not have outside.

Offer Pampering Services: Make your guests feel relaxed in your hotel room by offering services like spa treatments, massages etc as hotels are designed for relaxation.

Vacationers, though, aren’t the only ones benefiting from this relaxing reprieve, as hotel owners are also seeing the rewards. Tourism expenditure by residents rose by 17 percent within the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This increase reaches all around the hospitality industry, from spas to hotels and restaurants – they have all seen an increase in local expenditure. Residents have been consciously choosing to stay within the country rather than exploring outside the border. They are making their trips into real vacations and even staying in hotels for at least one night for the complete effect. And this increase isn’t an insignificant section of the overall tourism industry for the nation. It accounts for nearly 44 percent of all tourism to the UK.

This trend isn’t only for those in the United Kingdom. People from all over the world can save some money and have a relaxing vacation right in their own backyard. Hotels all across the world are cashing in on this phenomenon by attracting local guests, offering pampering services and allowing residents to feel like they are miles away from home while they’re right in their own backyard.

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