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Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

Get to the cloud in a minute!

The property management system (PMS) is widely regarded as an independent hotelier’s best friend. It’s been over a decade since the inception of the first system, the now ancient ‘Legacy’ system. These systems took hospitality by storm with their immense capabilities – automation of human tasks was unheard of at the time and in just a few years, legacy systems had revolutionized hotel management forever.

However, the catch here was that these systems were so expensive that only the top handful of hospitality companies could afford them, leaving out the vast majority of hoteliers who ran small to mid-sized properties.

Today, we don’t have this problem anymore – thanks to the development of the cloud platform. The cloud has given rise to a revolution of another kind, a revolution in accessibility. Cloud based PMSs are now available at a cost that independent hoteliers can afford, and no longer do owners need to burden their property with heavy infrastructure and specialized maintenance crews.

Simple Evaluation and Unrestricted Accessibility

Legacy systems required vast upfront investments and offered no trial periods, putting hoteliers in a difficult spot. Even as cloud based PMSs began to appear, unrestricted accessibility wasn’t a given – a lot of developers had an underlying fear that the customers would find the system too complex, as even these systems required a certain level of training and understanding. However, cloud based systems continued to grow in stature as better, simpler software began to arise. The evaluation process was fairly straightforward too, with many providers beginning to offer free trials after interacting with potential customers. Some, like us, don’t even require any level of interaction – you can just sign up and try it out in under a minute!

Automated Management, Automated Setup

Properties notice a rapid transformation in management and an increase in efficiency shortly after implementing a PMS. The most noticeable aspect of this system’s effect on management is the time saved – with a number of repetitive tasks automated by the system, the staff have a lot more time to spend with guests, improving their overall experience and helping the hotel strengthen its position. With our system, we’ve brought the automation to the set-up process as well. So all you need to do it start typing out your property’s name and select it from the dropdown list. Sophisticated algorithms scout for information about your property and autofill the number of rooms, room types and so on; allowing you to start evaluating the system immediately – you can even use it with your property for the while duration of the 15 day trial to get a better idea of its practical applications.

There is a drawback to the rapid progress that cloud computing and PMS technology have witnessed over the past several years – the sheer number of software developers spawning across the globe has made it difficult for hoteliers to find the system that they need. It can be extremely challenging to find the system that best fits your property and making an educated decision without testing out the PMS within your hotel is close to impossible. Legacy systems didn’t give hoteliers a choice back in the times but cloud based systems have no excuses today.

Make sure that the PMS you choose simplifies things for you – not complicates them!

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