5 reasons to choose Hotelogix over other PMS providers accounting customer support

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hotelogix over Other PMS Providers


5 reasons to choose Hotelogix over other PMS providersHotelogix is a centralized, comprehensive and flexible web-based property management system that helps hotels manage operations seamlessly. We give you 5 solid reasons to choose Hotelogix over other PMS providers. Find out now.


Hotelogix was one of the first brands to provide 24 x 7 customer support and has been upgrading the support levels since then. The best of the products in the market will rate low if they are not backed by a good support team. Hotelogix support is free, with no time limit and no hidden conditions.

Comprehensive Feature Set

Hotelogix’s feature set is one of the most comprehensive including Housekeeping, Accounts, Reports and an advanced Rate Manager. The Unlimited POS is a definite advantage as it allows the hotel to manage their Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Gift Shop, Travel Desk, Spa, Activities and more, centrally and seamlessly. Features like Online Web Booking Engine, GDS, Integrated Distribution System, Travel and Corporate agent desks allow for a unified approach to distribution.

Security and Reliability

Data Security is one of the most important criterion for choosing a cloud based property management system. Hotelogix uses one of the best security infrastructures and standards with Amazon Web Services. Using Amazon EC2 ensures that the client data is secure, with minute to minute backups, ensures high speed computing and minimal customer downtime.

Price Advantage

Flexible pricing is one area where Hotelogix has been a trend setter. With per room night booked, monthly and yearly pricing, small and medium sized hotels have various models to choose from. Hotelogix, being simple to use and learn, also reduces the training cost and learning curve. Complicated software can be time consuming and expensive as it requires skilled staff and regular employee trainings. Also Hotelogix has frequent updates and upgrades, at no extra cost.


The final reason why Hotelogix scores high over other property management systems is because of its adaptability to different environments, external systems and changing technologies. Hotelogix works well on mobiles, smartphones and tablets. Integrations with online accounting systems like Xero, Revenue management systems like PriceMatch (Read: Why is a Revenue Management System Important for Hotels?), KOT, Facebook, Payment Gateways, Call Accounting systems and more makes Hotelogix a flexible and adaptable product. (Read: What’s New In Hotelogix Cloud PMS?)

Another advantage is the ability of Hotelogix to adapt and scale up with the organization. Suppose, there is a hotel with 20 rooms sign ups with Hotelogix. In a few years if the hotel scales up to even 200 rooms, the change is seamless. On similar lines, if the hotel owner now has multiple properties or has an additional coffee shop, the PMS allows the hotel software to adapt easily by configuring additional POS and giving multi property features to the hotelier.

The 5 reasons mentioned above would help you decide why Hotelogix should be a preferred choice as compared to other property management systems in the market today. There are a lot of reasons why Hotelogix is one of the only PMSs in the market that has presence in over 75 countries.

 Hotelogix’s design and architecture was developed after spending aplenty time on accumulating the knowledge, data and suggestions from top hospitality professionals. The product was then developed specifically to cater to the needs of small and mid-sized sectors.