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What to expect at the InnDependent Lodging Summit & Trade Show in Arizona?


InnDependent Lodging Summit & Trade Show, Arizona

Hoteliers, get ready for the InnDependent Lodging Summit & Trade Show which is taking place from 15 to 17 March, 2015. The event will mainly address the hospitality industry and supporting activity providers with the latest data and news. It is taking place in the beautiful city of Arizona in Hotel Tucson City Center InnSuites Conference Suite Resort.

With more than 12,000 members representing more than 24,000 hotels in 170 countries, the event is a must-attend for those who wish to socialize with industry peers, professionals or form any business alliances. Be a part of the educational sessions that will focus on issues that are faced by independent hoteliers and learn how to overcome those challenges. There’s more to look forward to apart from just the conference as there will be interesting activities.

Here is what hoteliers can look forward to:

Success tips for the independent hotelier

Pamela Barnhill and Bobbie Singh-Allen will conduct a session on the various resources that will drive the independent hotelier’s success.

Bobbie Singh-Allen, InnDependent Lodging SummitBobbie Singh-Allen is the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer for the California Lodging Industry Association (CLIA). Singh also formed a national association named ILIA (Independent Lodging Industry Association) which was modeled after CLIA. Bobbie hails from a hoteliering family and she is well aware of the latest hospitality trends. Hoteliers must watch out for her session at the event.

Pamela Barnhill, InnDependent Lodging SummitHer ally, Pamela Barnhill is the founder of IBC hotels (InnDependent Boutique Collection) which is a network of independent hotels and she too comes from a hoteliering lineage.

Explore new business opportunities

Jason McKee, InnDependent Lodging SummitIn-destination activities have become popular among the travelers these days and it definitely provides a big business opportunity for hoteliers who can increase their RevPAR. Jason McKee, CEO of INNJOY Travel will talk about how independent hotels can partner with activity providers and tour operators to provide value-added services to guests.

Revenue management & distribution essentials

Trevor Stuart-Hill, InnDependent Lodging SummitRevenue management is essential for hoteliers to entice guests through smart pricing options. Trevor Stuart-Hill, ISHC, President, Revenue Matters will hold a session on revenue management and distribution essentials for independent properties who often find it tough to set the right price for the room types.

Attract baby boomers and millennial travelers

Henry Woodman, InnDependent Lodging SummitAccording to Pew Research Center based on US census, millennials are projected to number 75.3 million this year and baby boomers will number 74.9 million. Therefore, it is important to target this growing segment and Henry Woodman from ICEPortal will talk about how hoteliers (boutique and small) can attract both these segments of travelers.

Management tips for the independent hotelier

John Manderfeld, InnDependent Lodging SummitJohn Manderfeld, President – Marin Management will share management tips for independent hoteliers who find it tough to manage their day-to-day activities. He will also highlight the potential pitfalls that hoteliers come across and share helpful tips to overcome those.

De-flagging tips for independent properties

Jeffrey Durham, InnDependent Lodging SummitThere will be a session for hoteliers that are de-flagging by Jeffrey Durham & Joe Wolosz, Haversack Hospitality, Principal & Founder, The Passport Group, Principal, Founder & Broker, The Redwood Fortuna Riverwalk Hotel, Owner. De-flagging has become quite common these days as certain hotels are leaving their flagship owners with hopes of becoming a successful independent property while some are being asked to move out by the big chains. The session will be very helpful for de-flagged hoteliers who can get tips on saving money, time and effort.

Social media for the hotel industry

Raj Patel, InnDependent Lodging SummitRaj Patel, Founder & CEO of INNsight will talk about the best practices hoteliers can use in social media which is touted to be the most powerful marketing and promotional tool in the lodging industry. Raj Patel was also one of the speakers at the InnSpire Conference & Trade Show that was recently held in California. He spoke about the same subject at the conference.

Hospitality conferences and events provide a platform for like-minded professionals to meet and interact which otherwise is never possible in the regular day of work. Hoteliers can gain a lot of knowledge, insight and opportunities to consider when developing their hotel business.

Visit to know more about the event and sessions.  Hotelogix looks forward to meeting you at the Summit!

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