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Technology is changing the way we train, analyze, optimize, integrate, and manage businesses throughout the corporate world. One of the most significant trends of 2021/2022 has been the ability to leverage this technology on mobile devices.

When it comes to this trend, the hospitality industry is no exception. However, the terms mobile and mobility take on new meanings in the hotel sector.

Consider the advantages of a mobile Property Management System (PMS).

If you already understand the benefits of a PMS, it won’t take much explanation to demonstrate the benefits of mobile PMS. However, there may be significant advantages to using a mobile PMS app that you haven’t considered.

That’s just one option for going mobile in the hospitality industry. When you really think about how mobile elements can be leveraged in a hotel, the possibilities are endless.

Just in case you haven’t made the change yet, this article might give you the nudge you need. These are the most significant benefits of mobile apps for the hotel industry.

Mobile Applications In the Hospitality Industry

Many tasks can be accomplished by using a mobile Property Management System app. Consider the convenience of having the ability to leverage the following services:

  • Mobile concierge
  • Mobile check-in
  • Mobile key-less entry
  • Mobile Property Management System

All of these are possible by using a mobile Property Management System app. Besides the convenience of these options, there are several more benefits to having a mobile Property Management System, which we’ve outlined below in the following section.

Reduced Costs

Hotel owners sometimes shy away from investing in updated forms of technology because they have reservations about upfront costs. Initially, investing in new systems does seem expensive. Questions regarding whether hotel management apps are worth it swirl inside the minds of owners and executives.

However, most of these individuals don’t realize that the cost of not upgrading early may be much higher. One of the benefits of having the best PMS app includes reducing startup costs because of a simpler training process for new hires.

Your hotel’s mobile application runs much smoother and simpler and costs less to maintain. They are much easier to navigate and learn than standard PMS platforms.

All of the benefits mentioned above allow you to reduce costs in several different ways. Hotel mobile apps might not be such a bad investment, after all.

Increased Revenue and More Efficient Guest Services

Not only does a mobile PMS allow you to reduce costs, but your chances of increasing your revenue are much higher, also. These platforms allow you to create real-time messaging for room upgrades, monetize early check-in/late check-out, and have them sent to your customers’ smartphones. This means you can send the right message at the appropriate touchpoint.

The element of mobility can also change the role of individuals at your front desk. These platforms allow front desk workers the opportunity to increase revenue and add to customer satisfaction.

Members of the front desk can interact remotely with guests anywhere within the hotel. They can engage them in conversation about the trip and provide them with special offers and upgrades that are showcased in photos sent to smartphones and tablets.

Smart kiosks are another unique option to make your front-desk experience more efficient. These kiosks help guests avoid lines during check-in and allow you to add more options in the lobby that guests may enjoy. You’ll have more space for wine bars, lounges, or other specialty shops.

This can help you establish your brand by giving you the opportunity to create unique elements. You’ll also have the opportunity to create a more welcoming environment when guests first arrive.

More Efficient Staff

Technology increases automation, which typically promotes productivity in your team. Your staff may become more efficient by using a mobile platform that provides guest information, performance metrics, and communication across departments.

This eliminates the need for walkie-talkies and clipboards. A mobile PMS means always having access to room status on a remote basis and always being aware of guest requests or complaints as they happen.

The housekeepers will also experience increased productivity and efficiency. These platforms eliminate the need for constant calls to the front desk to find out about check-outs and other information.

Overall, your entire staff will become more flexible and responsive by accessing the benefits of remote information and mobility.

Do you have reservations about mobile apps for your hotel? These are some of the biggest misconceptions regarding these applications.

Biggest Misconceptions Regarding Hotel Mobile Apps

These are some of the most commonly heard objections when it comes to pulling the trigger on investing in mobile apps for hospitality or other new technology.

They’re Only for Big Chains or Brands

One of the most common excuses for not investing in a mobile PMS is the assumption they’re only for big chains. However, many small and mid-sized hospitality companies leverage the benefits of mobile PMS and other hotel apps.

Mobile apps can actually create new opportunities for smaller hotels. Local travelers that are further away from big cities might be more interested in the local impact or small-town feel of small hotels.

These organizations can take advantage of these elements by using mobile apps efficiently. Additionally, hotels that are looking to grow can leverage these platforms to help bring their brand to a national and global scale.

Website-Like Features

Many hotel owners assume that these mobile apps and their features to customers only replicate what booking websites already provide. This is the false assumption that remote booking and price updates are the only benefits that mobile hotel apps bring to customers.

Real-time communication, remote attention to late check-outs or early check-ins, and handling requests are only a sample of what these applications can provide. It’s important not to underestimate the benefits of these mobile apps in terms of customer service.

If you’ve been thinking about going mobile in the hospitality industry, now is a great time to do it. Groundbreaking technology is sweeping the industry, and it’s critical that you’re not left behind.

Hotelogix can help you stay ahead of the curve for new technology and give your organization the upper hand. Mobile Hotel is just one example of how we can help you go mobile and enjoy the benefits of hospitality apps.

If you have questions about mobility or any other benefits we can provide your organization, contact one of our representatives, and they can provide you with all the information you need!