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To the Cloud in a Minute! Here's How We Simplified Evaluating Hotel Software and More

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

To the Cloud in a Minute! Here's How We Simplified Evaluating Hotel Software and More

I’ve always believed that truly innovative technology will find a way to rise above the financial constraints and other factors inhibiting its reach. So when hotel management software began to enjoy increased accessibility around early 2000, it didn’t come as much of a surprise. Yet even today, over ten years later, only a small percentage of hoteliers employ a property management system (PMS) to run their establishment.

While convincing businesses to use technology is not as much of a concern nowadays as helping them to decide on the software that best fits their needs – the number of systems currently available can make it a daunting task.

Reading reviews and expert opinions is definitely helpful – in fact, it’s something I’d recommend you do – but how does one make an educated decision about its functionality with respect to their business unless they’ve been using the system with their property for a week or two? That’s where the problem lies – most companies are cautious about how accessible even the trial version of their hotel management software is, and I don’t really blame them.

Having spent several years in development, I understand that management software often demand some level of subject knowledge from the operator, so there’s always an underlying fear that the customer may find the system too complex. Developers prefer to conduct a few training sessions first to minimize that risk. Another reason companies set up barriers to accessing their software is to prevent competitors from infiltrating their design and layout. All these restrictions can make the whole process lengthy and cumbersome. Doesn’t this go against the very principal of investing in a PMS in the first place?

That’s where Hotelogix is so refreshingly innovative.

Our goal has always been to improve the experience for hoteliers, and Hotelogix has been consistently making the evaluation process simpler. Today, we have a product that can be accessed in Just a Minute – allowing you to start evaluating the system almost instantly! Even though a lot of companies would deem this risky, we believe customers should have the power to look inside the product before making a decision.

Hotelogix been working on making evaluation as easy as possible for users by creating ‘setup wizards’ to guide them through every step. It’s almost as simple as signing up for Gmail – it takes only one minute to get started, with a few simple steps.

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I’d actually encourage you to go one step further and implement the system to use with your current property. Our live support team never differentiates between a paying customer and a trial user – a hotelier is a hotelier!

We are proud to have developed the first product to be available with an instant trial online – encouraging hoteliers to test the system and determine for themselves whether the features, services and support work for their property – and I’m happy to see that a few other companies are beginning to adopt this approach.

Hoteliers around the world have been actively seeking to increase their foothold in the market, and with this kind of simple, yet powerful technology becoming increasingly accessible to smaller owners, the playing field is more level than ever.

A Simple, yet Powerful and Agile Solution

When we decided to create a new system in 2008, we had anticipated the importance of addressing the issues faced by users of existing PMSs. Front desk management is one of the essentials of a good PMS, but an overreliance on the salability of one single element was not something my team and I believed in. That’s why Hotelogix is equipped with a vast array of functionalities – this is enabling hoteliers to extract the most from their property today.

The system’s primary control screen is comprised of a dynamic front desk manager that provides details about reservations, room statuses, availability and so on – allowing busy front desk managers to quickly extract all the information they need at a glance. The customizable dashboard allows hotels to set up the system according to their individual needs, enabling them to modify room rates or booking and cancellation policies with ease.

But it’s not only about how many features we offer, the real ingenuity of the system is in how well they all integrate with each other. Take how the distribution system works, for example. It connects hotels to major GDS distribution networks, OTAs, and social media; updating room availability in real time as new reservations are made. This doesn’t just eliminate double-bookings, it also provides smaller hoteliers with a powerful system that gives them unprecedented visibility around the world. Far from being just an assortment of several functionalities, Hotelogix was designed as an intelligent system that supports your business from infancy and adapts as you scale – for instance, hotels can integrate their existing systems like Xero with the PMS, or even choose to do so later when their property’s specific needs outgrow an all-in-one software.

Regardless of the industry, the most powerful motivator a company can have is a delighted client – and that’s been my driving force, inspiring my team and me to continue offering independent hoteliers around the world a product ready to hit the ground running.

Evaluating a PMS has never been easier!

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