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The Importance of a POS Module in a PMS


Hotelogix Point of SalesMost hotels use point of sale as this powerful feature works wonders for all the sources of revenue collection in a hotel like spa, restaurant, gift shops and not only them but even the Travel Desk operations such as airport pickup, city tours or laundry operations.

The Hotelogix Point of Sale Module is simple to use and at the same time offers a powerful bundle of features and capabilities that give an edge to the hospitality business. The POS integration offers unlimited number of POS outlets that can be customized and configured with the property management system.

Take a look at the many advantages of Hotelogix Point of Sales:

– Organize and Perform better with POS Reports

Every POS point has its own set of reports that can be generated and the products and services offered at the POS can be categorized and sub categorized. You get all the details such as how each POS is performing, which products or services are being used often and which ones are performing the best. All these and more can be ascertained with POS reports.

 – Boosts Online Sales

All POS Items can be clubbed with rates and packages as inclusions. Airport pickup, internet connectivity, tours, spa packages etc. can be created as inclusions with special packages. This helps in creating attractive deals that can be promoted online, on GDS and various other channels that are present online.

– Ease of Billing

POS, once integrated with PMS, allows for transfer of POS bills to room seamlessly. Payments can then be settled directly during checkout with the room invoice.  For group bookings, corporates or travel agents, it is easy to transfer charges to the company and the system manages the ledger balances for the pre configured corporate accounts.

– Easy to Manage Meal Plans with POS

Every time a room is sold on a rate-plan with meals, or even with an airport pickup or a city tour, the system will automatically record extra services offered in their correct POS points. This includes the allocation quantities of the service/item offered with its valid date. So your staff in charge will always know what to expect each day, and you can ensure uninterrupted services for your guests to keep them happy.

– Easy to Configure

The Hotelogix POS is touch screen enabled that allows powerful features like reserving tables, preconfigured discounts, transfer to room, refunds and special feature products section for fast moving items. The configuration of your complete POS like creating packages and promoting them online- all of this can be done in a few hours.

– Activity POS

Hotelogix also allows a hotel to configure Activity POS that is designed to cater to properties which offer various activities like nature trails, yoga, kayaking, horse riding, boating etc. It is a fully integrated application with online booking engine. Activity POS allows an easy and highly visual access, which is completely interactive and offers daily and monthly diaries as well as review graphs. This module helps you manage various additional services and activities, hotels can create slots, specific pricing and configure various activity parameters.

Hotelogix POS feature is extremely powerful and flexible. The importance of the POS module in your property management system can be assessed by the fact that it is able to create unlimited POS in a few hours, helps you promote your services through various channels, sell services and products online, sell directly or transfer order to room service, settle payments through different modes, accept cash in multiple currencies that are acceptable at your property, process credit cards directly through the system, or bill direct to the company and more.

Take a trial of Hotelogix PMS which is now available free forever.