The Impact of Rio de Carnival 2014The Rio Carnival is an elaborate celebration of the Brazilian culture and the joy of life. Since 1723, Rio Carnival has been celebrated at the weekend before the beginning of Lent.

There are at least a 2 million people reveling on the streets every day during the carnival. With over 200 samba schools competing in the parades during the carnival, there is a push to be the best and flashiest.

The city lives for this over-the-top celebration and this year, with the upcoming World Cup games and the news of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the spirits will be even higher. The 2014 Carnival was projected to be one of the biggest carnivals to date and it did not disappoint. The Rio de Carnival 2014 was the frontrunner of the football World Cup arriving late in summer, at Brazil.

With the influx of visitors from all over the world hoping to be a part of this amazing festival, there is a desperate need for high-quality hotels and inns that will host guests. An opportunity of this caliber gives the Rio carnival an exceptional boost. Rio projected that it would welcome 920,000 tourists over the course of the long weekend. With carnival parades, balls and street parties, and events at every turn, there is something for everyone in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

With such a large influx of visitors, the city has a big money-making opportunity. According to the city’s tourism board, in Rio alone the Carnival will generate around 2.2 billion BRL, or $9.4 million. That is a large sum of money for one event, and a large portion of that goes to the hospitality industry in Brazil.

The greatest show on earth offers more than the glitz and glamour of the ostentatiously dressed performers. Samba schools celebrated the upcoming World Cup, protested corruption and displayed national pride with gaudy costumes and enormous floats.

While no performance can ever be too far over the top, the hotel industry is always buzzing to stay on top of the flood of guests. The grandeur of the Rio Carnival is unmatched. This splendid carnival was the frontrunner for the upcoming global extravaganza; now viewers and travellers across the globe will be looking forward to the best fiesta that Brazil has to offer in the coming Football World Cup 2014.

The Brazilian hospitality industry is expected to cater to a record number of guests, like never seen before; their first test has been passed while the main exam is on during the World Cup schedule. Brazilian hospitality industry can taste more success in managing the surging crowds efficiently with an effective Hotelogix PMS that can give them an edge and leg-up to be splendid hosts to the incoming tourists!