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Brazil’s Hoteliers Reach a Fever Pitch in Anticipation of the Football World Cup 2014

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Brazil’s Hoteliers Reach a Fever Pitch in Anticipation of the Football World Cup 2014Football or otherwise known as soccer, is one of the most popular sports across the world. Globally, people have grown up playing on the local football pitch and cheering for their favorite football teams. Americans refer to the sport as soccer, but the rest of the world knows this beloved sport as football. No matter how you say it, the popularity of football makes the upcoming World Cup one of the world’s highly anticipated and largest sporting events.

Hoteliers in Brazil are trying to prepare for the large influx of visitors. As many as 600,000 tourists are expected to head to Brazil during the games; this is far more than the average summer vacation crowd. Brazilian hoteliers in the host cities are preparing their hotels, restaurants and services to handle the highest capacity of reservations. Statistics show that an event such as the World Cup would demand thousands of new hotel beds and creation of many hospitality units to receive the expected number of tourists. Whether that is accomplished by increasing the number of beds in a current room or creating more hotel rooms has been left up to the Brazilian hospitality industry.

One area that Brazilian hospitality industry should be focusing on is the human capital. The upcoming Football World Cup will create many job opportunities and the Brazilian hospitality industry will need to hire numerous additional workers to keep up with the guest inflow. Hotel managers should look to hire hotel staff that is fluent in multiple languages as the multi-lingual fluency will be a big boost for football fans who are arriving in hordes from across the globe to enjoy the Football World Cup. With mere months left before the highly anticipated football games begin, hoteliers should begin training new hires if they have not already. The standards of hotel service will leave a lasting impact on guests, so it is important that the hiring process is handled carefully. From the front desk to housekeeping staff, the expected influx of tourists for Brazil’s Football World Cup are going to arrive with a lot of expectations from the Brazilian hotel industry.

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