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The ABCs for a new traveler in Brazil

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

The ABC for a new traveler in BrazilWith numerous events happening in Brazil – Rio de Carnival, the upcoming World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games in 2014; there are many reasons to make this South American country your next travel destination. The Portuguese speaking nation offers a vast coastline, mountain ranges, plains and rainforests. As the fifth largest country in the world, the landscape is diverse and rich.

But before you book your ticket to this exotic escape, be sure that you are aware of what the nation is like and what is necessary to do to get there. Traveling internationally takes a lot of planning. Travelers need to thoroughly research the destination for any travel advisories and travel requirements. After the logistics are taken care of, travelers will want to know the ABCs of the destination so that they can fully enjoy their travel.

When traveling to Brazil, remember:

– Brazilians are expressive and hospitable.

– Not many Brazilians know English especially outside Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Most Brazilians speak Portuguese.

– Brazilians are experts in creating delicious tropical fruit drinks.

– The country boosts of an extensive outdoor culture. From beaches, jungle to waterfalls, it is a tropical delight!

– There exists a huge gap between middle class and higher class.

– Brazil continues to fight drug cartels and crime syndicates, while tourists and travelers are not the targets.

– Travelers to the tropical paradise rather be safe by travelling cabs vetted by the hotel

– Do not carry more money than required and stay safe in a secure and familiar area with trusted guides.

– Know the culture – Brazilians are very outgoing and vivacious. A kiss on both cheeks from a stranger is customary.

– There is always something to do in Brazil; many of the wonders of this nation are in the outdoor culture. Explore the natural environment and splurge on a nice hotel.

Learn more about Brazilian culture so you are not taken by surprise when you step off the plane. If you start your trip off with a solid understanding of these ABCs, you will set yourself up for a wonderful vacation that you will never forget.

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