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Technologies to simplify the hotel's front office tasks


Technology for front desk management

The front desk is the most crucial department of a hotel. The executives have to be warm, welcoming, greet every guest with a smile and then check-in the guest without any problems. Guests want to be checked-in to their room immediately after arriving so a front desk executive must make sure that the check-in process is hassle-free and quick.

Front office tasks

Front desk executive needs to look after the bookings, guest check-in/out, room allotment, handling guest queries, assigning tasks to the housekeeping and other departments, checking for reports and payments and much more. It’s one person handling multiple tasks. On top of that, he/she needs to make sure that there are no errors or catastrophes in carrying out the day-to-day tasks.

Apart from the hectic shifts and daily tasks, front desk executives play the role of communication specialists, supervisors of various departments and assist the guests throughout their tenure. They have to be polite to every guest that arrives to the hotel and there are times when certain visitors try to bypass the check-in, those have to be managed tactfully. In the hospitality industry, you cannot afford to be rude to your guest and lose him to your competitor. It’s not as easy as it looks like from the outside but yes, there have been successful front desk executives who easily manage all these operations while efficiently managing guests.

Thanks to the new-age technology that has been a boon to the hospitality industry.

1. Cloud based property management systems

It is wise to invest in a cloud based property management system to cater to the demanding guests efficiently. This versatile and user-friendly technology will make operations simplified without any involvement of people, just basic monitoring is required. From handling operations, departments and guests to keeping all departments updated; a cloud based property management system is a one-stop solution for all the worries.

Benefits of PMS used in front office:

– First and foremost, the software lets you make reservations directly making it easier for you to maintain check-in and check-out lists anytime during the day

– Bookings can be customized on different dates, group bookings and multiple room rates can also be set

– Guest details can be available easily

– Reservations can be altered according to the room, guest and date changes

– Appointments and payments with spa and restaurants can be managed through the front desk with the help of the POS

– Multiple shifts can be managed

– Tasks can be assigned to the housekeeping and be checked for timely status

– Multiple reports and folios can be generated

– Multiple guest management options can be used

2. Tablets and Smartphones

Technology is making its way through tablets and smartphones which are being used by front desk staff for easy check-in/out, retrieving guest details, engaging with the guests and managing other operations. Gone are those days when guests used to wait in queues to be checked-in or struggle to get through the waiters to place an order. New-age technologies have made it easy for the guests to swipe through menus or get a faster check-in/out.

Using tablet and smartphone technology, the front desk staff can simplify many processes and save time that can be spent in improving guest experience.

Embracing technology has become the need of the hour for the hotel’s front office to function efficiently.

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