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Here is why you need a modern cloud-based hotel property management system for your chain property

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Cloud-based Hotel property management system for chain property

If you are one of those hoteliers finding it a little challenging to manage end-to-end operations at your chain or group of properties, then you just have landed on the right page. We will take you through a detailed journey about what you can do to efficiently handle your multi-property operations while keeping costs under control and driving profitability. The solution to all your predicaments is – a robust, enterprise-grade cloud-based hotel property management system.

Cloud architecture empowers you with a Hotel PMS that is more agile, flexible, and cost-effective. Let’s go step by step to understand some of the significant benefits your hospitality group can witness with a cloud hotel management system at the core of its operations. Pay attention –

Less capital expenditure

Even though cloud hotel software is a modern and more robust system, it will not upset your budget. Instead, it would enable you to do more with fewer costs.

  • No need to buy expensive data/terminal servers, operating systems, network cards, and backup systems
  • With no on-premise hardware, you don’t need an in-house IT team for maintenance
  • No more expenses to resolve downtime issue as the cloud variant guarantees 99.9% uptime
  • It comes with pay-per-use subscription pricing
  • You can rapidly deploy the application and scaled-up at a much lower cost
  • You don’t have to worry about system/data security
  • Free software/patch updates/upgrades in real-time
  • Less expensive/easier staff training
  • Lower cost of software ownership

Remote access

Today, adopting mobility for smoother hotel operations and better guest service is not a choice. It has become a mandate. See how a cloud hotel software can help you with this.

  • Access your Hotel PMS from your smartphone or tablet on the go
  • Keep an eye on group-wide critical data from wherever you want to
  • Get access to essential reports for all your properties on your smartphone
  • Allow your staff to walk guests to their rooms while filling in their details on a smartphone
  • Stay on top of every aspect of your hotel operations
  • Make faster and informed decisions on the go

Better control

Managing multiple properties spread across locations can often be a challenging task. What if we say that an intelligent cloud hotel management software can address this, too?

  • Centrally manage operations across all your properties with a single sign-in
  • Centrally handle travel agent/corporate profiles for all your properties
  • Keep an eye on inventory for all your properties in real-time
  • Manage all offline and online bookings with a Central Reservation Office
  • Distribute rates across all your online/offline sales channels to increase occupancy and RevPAR
  • Gain access to centralized guest history to know and serve them better

Seamless third-party integrations

A cloud Hotel PMS can effortlessly integrate with many operationally crucial third-party solutions. It helps you to increase your group’s overall visibility and business.

  • Channel Manager Solution for automatic rate and room distribution across OTAs and metasearch engines
  • Revenue Management Solution to see better yield
  • Online Reputation Management Solution to optimize your brands’ reputation on prominent hotel review and booking sites
  • Booking Engine integration to get more direct bookings
  • Business Intelligence integration to view critical KPIs from the PMS, POS, and website

Enhanced efficiency

Improving staff productivity can impact how you run your hotel business. Plus, it also allows you to serve your guests better to earn their loyalty.

  • User-friendly application, your staff get to work on the Hotel PMS at the earliest
  • Efficiently manage both front-office and back-office operations
  • Avoid double booking and overbooking
  • End-to-end operational automation leading to improved staff productivity
  • Minimize financial losses that may arise due to manual errors
  • Save a significant amount of man-hours
  • Enhanced guest satisfaction

All right, you now know that a modern and feature-rich cloud-based hotel property management system is the easiest way to automate operations, sell more rooms, attract more guests, and increase profitability. If you are planning to migrate your hotel group to the cloud, this is the right time.

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Cloud-based Hotel property management system for your chain property