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Shouldn’t Your PMS Match Your Mobile Lifestyle?

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar


When it comes to management, hoteliers around the world agree that the ideal Property Management System (PMS) is one that’s capable of simplifying operations while optimizing the hotel’s resources. Now that mobile technology has firmly embedded itself in the lifestyle of today’s guests, ignoring smartphone compatibility is unthinkable for large and small hospitality businesses.

It’s imperative that hotels adopt mobile friendly measures to keep their property attuned to guests’ changing needs. Smartphones have revolutionized travel for guests – giving them the power to make reservations, arrange transportation, and even unlock their room door.

While it’s great that things have become so simple for guests, shouldn’t this be the case for hoteliers too? With everything going mobile, it’s become mandatory that the PMS also adopts this technology. Cloud computing gave us the Cloud based PMS, which has in turn encouraged mobile compatibility for the system. By hosting the software on a Cloud based platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, the modern PMS is already almost there.

Let’s take a closer look at how today’s mobile technology is setting the stage for a whole new level of PMS interaction:

Unrestricted Access –

A major advantage of mobile optimization for PMSs is the unparalleled degree of access that hoteliers can enjoy. An owner or manager can continue to monitor all aspects of the hotel’s operations no matter where they are, enabling them to stay connected to the property even when out of the country. This portability is essential for a busy owner, whose hectic schedule may demand regular trips abroad. Cloud based PMSs have provided hoteliers with a new degree of freedom, compared to the legacy PMS which could only be operated on-site. But in a constantly evolving digital era, even laptops are beginning to be deemed ‘too bulky’. They do need a certain amount of sitting space, power outlets, and other minor necessities – all of which are eliminated by using a smartphone. This gives hoteliers a completely different level of control, allowing them to stay updated around the clock.

Multi-device Capability –

A mobile-optimized, Cloud based PMS has the added benefit of multi-device compatibility, meaning the system can be reached through most WiFi enabled devices – be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Not only does this enable owners and managers to travel light, it also gives them the liberty to access the system instantly with any device they’re carrying. This means hoteliers are never out of touch with what’s going on at the property, even if they step out for a short amount of time. It makes things easier for the hotel staff too. By integrating with smartphones and touchscreen enabled terminals, members of the staff can receive instant updates about tasks in real-time and update the task’s status immediately after completion. Housekeeping, for instance, can instantly receive notifications about rooms when a guest checks-in, allowing them to prioritize their duties accordingly. The front-desk also receives updates on the status of cleaned rooms in real-time.

Mobile Booking Engine –

According a recent study conducted by Google, mobile searches have now overtaken desktop queries in 10 countries including America and Japan – so companies that still ignore mobile optimization are bound to miss out on this new segment of traffic. Google also tends to rank mobile-optimized sites better than those that aren’t, improving the hotel’s direct visibility and hence boosting direct bookings. In addition to this, a large number of last minute bookings are made on mobile devices and a mobile booking engine is crucial for hotels to capitalize on this. A reliable PMS provides a solid mobile booking engine that can reconfigure itself to fit any device while displaying all the rates, packages and other information – encouraging more direct bookings.

Mobile technology has grown massively ever since the introduction of smartphones and continues to reach unprecedented heights every year. Having revolutionized telecommunication for millions around the world, smartphones today have become an irreplaceable part of consumers’ lives. That’s why industries are spending billions of dollars every year to permeate this segment. By enhancing their mobile compatibility, companies discovered that they could reach a much larger audience and in hospitality, this has unlocked huge possibilities. A large number of users now regularly turn to their mobile devices when making last-minute reservations and continue to make future bookings from the device, making this space an increasingly critical part of all hospitality operations.

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