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Reduce fixed operating costs and earn more with an enterprise Cloud Hotel PMS

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Reduce fixed operating costs and earn more with an enterprise Cloud Hotel PMS

Like other industries, the hotel industry has also gained a lot from today’s innovative technology solutions. But for many of you, it sometimes becomes quite a task to keep pace with the rapidly changing hospitality technology environment. And if you are stuck with a Legacy PMS, it becomes impossible for you to stay in the game for a long time. This is where an enterprise cloud-based hotel property management software comes in for your rescue. It not only automates your end-to-end operations, reduces your operating costs but also helps you earn more. You can pretty much say that your responsibility ends right after you migrate to a modern Cloud PMS, and it will take care of the rest. Let’s see how –

Here are some ways to reduce fixed operating costs and increase revenue with a cloud-based hotel management software.

Less CAPEX, no considerable upfront investment

With a cloud-based Hotel PMS, you don’t have to worry about installing a server at your property. Since you don’t have an on-premise server anymore, you don’t have to invest in the associated IT infrastructure. Another best part is that you will save more as you are not required to hire a large IT team to maintain your IT setup.

Note that being on the cloud doesn’t mean that there is no server. In the case of a cloud Hotel PMS, the server will be on the cloud, and your PMS provider will be responsible for its maintenance. The crux here is that when you migrate to the cloud, you become asset-light. This helps you save a lot.

  • It comes with an affordable one-time setup system
  • Minimal subscription fee
  • No dedicated IT infrastructure required
  • No need to have IT resources
  • Staff training is quick and straightforward
  • With faster deployment, your hotel can go live quickly

Automatic and free software updates

The advantage of the cloud Hotel PMS is that new features, functionalities, and fixes get updated automatically. Neither do you have to pay extra for those updates, nor do you have to have dedicated resources to download them. Worried about downtime during the updates? A smart Hotel PMS vendor will ensure minimal downtime so that your business is up and running all the time. This also helps you save on upgrade costs, plus any losses that might have incurred due to downtime.

No more manual errors, no more financial loss

Cloud-based hotel management software can automate several daily tasks, including reporting, accounting, billing, maintaining guest profiles, and many more. When done manually, these processes can be riddled with errors. One error in these areas can lead to financial loss. However, with an intelligent cloud application, all these activities are automated and streamlined. Since there is no manual effort, there is no room for financial loss. This also adds up to your profitability. Remember that daily task automation is also one of the most significant cost savers for hotels like in any other industry.

Sell more via cloud Hotel PMS and channel manager integration

A seamless 2-way integration between your cloud hotel PMS and channel manager is the best thing that can ever happen to your hotel operations. You can connect to multiple popular OTAs to attract more guests across the globe. As this arrangement ensures that your property’s rates, availabilities, and restrictions are updated across the OTAs or connected sales channels, you are in a better position to avoid loss of reputation and business due to overbooking, double booking, and underbooking. Hold on, and you will get more bookings if you plan to sell via metasearch engines.

Increased direct bookings

This critical integration between the cloud hotel management software and booking engine has the potential to help you sell more rooms via your brand website. Additionally, if you plan to sell rooms via your brand’s social media pages, the Cloud PMS will also help. The best part is that you stand to earn more with every direct booking, as you don’t have to pay a dime toward OTA commission.

Power of hotel revenue management solution

With this yet another powerful integration between your cloud hotel software and revenue management solution, you can execute revenue management best practices to develop competitive room pricing by keeping an eye on the market demand and competitor pricing in real-time.

Dynamic pricing made easy with cloud PMS

Are you struggling to sell more rooms at the highest possible rates? This will be a thing of the past with a cloud hotel software. You can implement an accurate pricing strategy in your hotel to change the room rates daily or hourly to match the price with demand. It will also help you adjust room rates concerning demand and supply so that you get to strike a balance between underpricing and overpricing. Precisely speaking, you can earn more out of each booking by increasing your room revenue, Average Daily Rate (ADR), and RevPAR.

Efficiently manage online reputation

This is another area which helps you attract more guests to earn more. This much-needed integration between the cloud hotel PMS and online reputation management solution helps you with automated guest review management. You can get to know how your guests are talking about you and your property on hotel booking sites and online hotel review sites. This is a great way to listen to your guests to understand what they have to say about you. Be proactive to address their concerns and come across as a hospitality brand that values guest feedback. Not only your happy guests will come back to you, but they will also spread the good word about you to influence others’ booking plans in your favor.

Go mobile with improved decision-making capabilities

The best part of using a cloud hotel software is that you gain instant mobility. This means you can access the PMS on your smartphone and other mobile devices from wherever you want to. This helps you get clarity on your hotel position in real-time. You are now enabled to make data-driven decisions crucial to your hotel operations. Indeed, you can save costs and effort when you can make the right decisions at the right time.

Save man-hours, focus on guest service

With rapid automation, easy integration, and insightful data on daily operations, you will be in a better position to define staff roles efficiently. This would save a significant amount of man-hours daily across all the departments. This is where you can bring in the time-proven ‘human touch’ to delight your guests. For example – you have one of the best cloud Hotel PMS, and due to this, your front desk staff has absolutely no worries about updating room availability manually. Now, don’t you think they can utilize the extra free time to pay attention to better manage guest queries? And we can’t stress more on the impact of top-notch guest service and their happiness on your profitability.

The final note

Many hotel establishments – small, big, or chain across the globe have realized the potential of migrating their end-to-end operations to the enterprise cloud hotel PMS. While they have successfully streamlined their processes across departments, with increased occupancy, increased revenue, and overall impressive business growth, they have witnessed robust ROI in less time. Most importantly, they have not missed out on healthy profit margins.

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