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The Power of the Perfect Hotel Team

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

The Power of the Perfect Hotel TeamFor hoteliers, critical decisions are not just about choosing the right property management system but also about assembling the right team that can make a world of difference to how your brand is perceived. To give an analogy, in the 1980s action series on TV, the A-team just wouldn’t be as powerful without the brute force of Mr. T or the smooth-talking Templeton Peck. Each and every team member needs to play a particular role in order for all of the parts to come together and work cohesively. The unique strengths of an individual working part, combined with dedication to the team, allows the whole team to run smoothly and efficiently. But unlike The A-Team, your hotel staff members need to have an even-keeled temper and wonderful interpersonal skills. It’s not just about getting the job done – it’s about how the job is done as well.

A great staff starts at the recruiting process. Look for individuals who go above and beyond the job description. Look at their character and gauge how they will respond under pressure. Although not every position will be faced will daily guest interaction, it is important that everyone on your staff has the ability to respectfully and professionally assist guests. With the kitchen, the laundry, front desk, porters, housekeeping, managers, accountants and marketing sectors, there are many areas to keep tabs on. But once all of the parts start working as a whole, with the same vision, you will see the overall service improve.

Once you have assembled the perfect team, keep them motivated to continue providing the best service in the industry. Build an incentive program to push employees to meet the expectations of the job. Whether that includes recognition, rewards or bonuses is up to the manager, a few perks will keep your staff motivated.

The type of service received at a hotel separates the good from the great. Make sure that your hotel staff is being managed properly from the top down. Once you are able to offer amazing service, you can iron out all the other details to ensure that your hotel stands out from the competition.

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