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Online Presence in Hospitality Industry - Part II

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Importance of getting ranked well in search engines – Having a website is great, however, in order to make it work for you, you need to get it ranked well in search engines. Search engines are the websites where maximum travelers head to, for finding information on hotels in a particular area. You will have a hard time getting visitors to your website if it doesn’t rank among the top 20 websites that show up for the particular keywords used by travelers on search engines. Therefore, it is not only about having a website up and running but also about gaining visibility in search engines.


Regular Communication with Clients – A good website can make it quite easy for a hotel to be in regular touch with its prospective as well as repeat clients. The present-day content management systems have made life so easy for the organizations that they can add information to their websites on a regular basis, just by a few mouse clicks. The guests/prospects can also be interacted with in their own local languages as there are well enhanced web administration systems available in the market today that provide for efficient use of multilingual content.


Achieving online success in hospitality industry is not much different from being successful in any other industry online. It is significant that you understand the technology and system well, and plan out all aspects keeping the end-users in mind. There is no denying the fact that it’ll take a lot of efforts to get ranked well in search engines. However, like in any discipline, persistence is the key.


Hotelogix is one such hotel system that can empower your website, to achieve the highest levels of customer/user satisfaction and supplement your online initiatives.