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Why Do You Need a Housekeeping Management System at a Hotel

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Why Do You Need a Housekeeping Management System at a Hotel?

Working at a hotel is a lot of work even when there are only a small number of rooms. Ensuring the happiness of the guests and the cleanliness of the rooms is just the start of everything that needs to happen.

It can be frustrating to get everything done, especially when you are trying to juggle all of your staff members and make sure that everything is handled on time and satisfactorily. Naturally, you want to reduce wasted time and make your staff more productive. They want that, too. If they are stressed or if it doesn’t seem like there’s a plan in place for how they are utilized, it’s going to show in their morale and their work.

If things aren’t getting done, or if mistakes are being made, the guests are going to be the ones who get upset. Ultimately, this can lead to negative reviews and fewer guests walking through the doors.

Hotel housekeeping management software can make a major difference in how effective you are at ensuring productivity and efficiency with your staff. Below, we will be looking at seven of the biggest benefits of using housekeeping software. You’ll soon see just what a difference it can make. Check out some of the best reasons to make the software part of your hotel’s management plan.

Benefit #1: Easy to Delegate, Communicate, Organize, and Supervise

When is the room going to be ready for the next guest? When you do things the old way, manually, it can take a long time to track down that information. However, when you are using the right housekeeping software, it can be updated automatically. A housekeeper can update the status of the rooms as they are cleaned. This ensures you always know what rooms are available and ready to receive a new guest.

Additionally, quality software will also allow the housekeepers to connect with maintenance and their manager, for example, if there is an issue that needs to be fixed in the room. All of this can be handled right through the app, streamlining communication.

The manager can quickly and easily create tasks, assign rooms or blocks of rooms to a housekeeper, and more. This cuts down on a lot of confusion, running around, and back and forth that tends to happen when hotels continue to use antiquated methods.

Benefit #2: Housekeepers Can Prioritize

The housekeepers or their managers can prioritize which rooms are cleaned first, too. Instead of wondering which rooms need to be done first, the software can be used to list the rooms in order of priority. For example, some might need to be cleaned for a guest that will be arriving soon. Others may not be as urgent. Being able to prioritize can help to streamline housekeeping and ensure the management and the guests are happy.

Benefit #3: Improve the Guest Experience and Get Better Reviews

Housekeeping software is going to make the guests a lot happier because it ensures the rooms that they get are going to be nice and clean. One of the biggest complaints that hotels get is that the rooms are dirty, or that they weren’t ready on time. The hotel housekeeping management software helps to reduce these problems, which means guests are going to be happier overall.

This means fewer negative reviews and more positive ones. You know as well as anyone else in the hotel business that guest reviews are important for bringing in more visitors. Even cheap rates aren’t going to save a property from a slew of terrible reviews.

Using housekeeping software that has a digital checklist is a great way to ensure the rooms are clean. The housekeeper can check the items that they’ve done in the room and move on once it’s entirely clean and the list has been filled. This tool will also give you a better idea of which housekeepers are doing well, and which ones may need more training. If one housekeeper’s rooms are continually complained about, it’s better to know early and head off the problem as soon as possible.

Benefit #4: Access to Reports

Hotel management software systems will also provide access to a wide range of reports. The housekeeping software will provide relatively simple reports that can give you a view of the various operations. This could be done for a single property or across multiple properties if you have several.

The reports will provide you with information about the housekeeping team’s efficiency. You will see whether any problems may need to be addressed. Often, a little extra training is all that’s needed to remedy the problem.

Benefit #5: Lost and Found Feature

Another benefit found with many of the hotel housekeeping management software options is a lost and found feature. Most people have left something in a hotel room at some point that they should’ve brought home with them. With this feature, housekeepers and other staff can report lost items. This information can be collected, along with the items, and then returned to the guest in question.

Benefit #6: Reduce Costs

Housekeeping tends to be one of the more expensive departments to operate in the hotel business. Therefore, proper management of the housekeeping staff is essential to help reduce waste, increase productivity, and boost efficiency. Optimizing the workflow can help to reduce wasted time. You can automate repetitive tasks, and you can take care of the staff scheduling right in the software. It will help to avoid mistakes, it streamlines a lot of processes, and it helps you to save some money.

Benefit #7: Happier, More Efficient Staff

You want your staff to be happy and pleased with the place they work. When they are happy, they are more productive and efficient. They also tend to enjoy coming to work a lot more, which can mean fewer sick days. Of course, sometimes, employees feel a bit worried when they hear about new tools being introduced.

Your employees don’t have to be afraid of the inclusion of new hotel housekeeping management software. It isn’t going to put them out of a job by any means. It’s just a tool that helps everyone become more efficient. The automation and software can make everyone’s job a lot less stressful.

Of course, as with any new technology, your staff will need to be trained to use it. Anyone who will be interacting directly with the software should receive training. Fortunately, these systems tend to be relatively simple, and they will only need to know how to use the parts of the software that pertain directly to the job they are doing. It shouldn’t take long to get everyone up to speed.

Check the Hotel Management Software Features

Housekeeping software can be a huge benefit for your hotel no matter the size. If you have more than just a couple of rooms, having some software to keep track of everything and automate those repetitive tasks will be a huge help.

When looking for this type of software, check to see what other features and options are included. Try to find a system that offers good solutions for managing other aspects of the business and that can provide you with the types of reports you need.