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Obtaining that Business edge with Hotelogix – Part 1

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
The day to day challenges faced by a mid-sized property are same as that faced by a five star property; it’s just that the scale is smaller in the former’s case. Just like a five star property, a small size hospitality business such as a resort, inn etc. too needs a hotel management system that can effectively take care of its critical business operations, more precisely housekeeping, front desk, marketing and advertising, online bookings and proper integration with third party entities like travel agents and corporates. Further, there is an added investment in terms of infrastructure, manpower and the cost of owning such hotel management system.
Now, with the help of Hotelogix web-based PMS, such small/mid size properties can not only cope with these challenges, but also boost their bottom lines. Hotelogix offers some amazing business advantages that are detailed below:
Low cost of installation
The basic requirement for installation of hotelogix is a working computer and a working internet connection. Besides this, there are no hidden infrastructure needs or costs. More on the installation as follows:
–          No limit on number of terminals/users
–          Can be set up on any computer running on Linux or standard Windows with internet connectivity
–          Since Hotelogix is a web-based property management system, there is no need for any special software or hardware at the user end
–          Requires nothing at users end for continued maintenance
Fast ROI (Return on Investment)
With Hotelogix, the benefits received will be much higher in comparison to the investment made. This will ensure that the ROI equation is always in your favor, right from the moment the system is installed. Your hospitality business will start receiving good returns within few months of installing this property management system. These returns will be a result of:
–          Reduction of losses due to careless transaction errors
–          Improved control on initiatives related to sales and marketing. Ready availability of information on these initiatives
–          Enhanced transparency of information related to price and accounting across different properties
–          Updated status availability of all media leading to improved price realizations
–          Reduced manpower and operational costs leading to immediate savings