GDS Global Distribution Services unified distribution system

More and More Hotelogix customers upgrade to Hotelogix's Distribution Systems

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

hotel-distribution-system (1)As an owner of a small or mid-sized hotel, one would tend to wonder isn’t a Property Management System sufficient to manage the hotel, what is the need for a separate Distribution System especially since budgets and man power are limited. The point here is not about having one or two systems present, it’s about looking at the bigger picture. What is the vision of the hotel? What results are they aiming for? Do they merely want to sustain their business on a daily basis, or do they want to have strong presence in the global market and boost their room sales?

More and more of the Hotelogix customers are opting for the latter, many of our Hotelogix PMS customers have upgraded to the Hotelogix Distribution System.  The Hotelogix Distribution system doesn’t burden your limited resources with more work or financial investment; it actually lightens the load and boosts room sales. With the Distribution System, a small and mid-sized property can very easily expand their market reach, increase bookings, and centrally manage their complete room inventory and distribution. The single point dashboard lets a property manage rates, allotments and bookings from all sources. It reflects a real-time snapshot of bookings from more than 800 booking sites and over 600,000 travel agents on the GDS.

The big advantages of the unified distribution system is that it helps the small and mid-sized hotels and inn owners to expand their businesses, increase booking revenues and boost their property’s occupancies. The Hotelogix Distribution complements the PMS and ensures that the hotel gets their results without any extra work required.

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