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Integrate Your PMS with POS Solution to Get Better Control Over Your Hotel Business


Point of Sale

A hotel’s revenue is not only dependant on room occupancy, but also on the additional revenue generated from various point of sale (POS) outlets. A hotel may have several different POS outlets, for example, restaurants and bar, hotel spa, tours and excursions organized by the hotel, gift shop and so on.

A hotel’s POS outlets can be strong revenue earners for them, but on the flip side it can only create extra paperwork and overhead for the hotel, if not automated.

Hotels, especially small and mid-sized hotels should look at having a property management system (PMS) with an integrated POS module. This will help simplify operations for both the hotel and the guests.

A PMS like Hotelogix allows a hotel to manage unlimited points of sale at their property. Guests may purchase items or services from the various POS and the charges get billed directly to their rooms. Such a system increases guest satisfaction and encourages them to spend more at the hotel because they can do so as and when they please, all payments can be settled during checkout.

A PMS integrated with POS modules offer better management of billing processes. In the traditional way of operating, any incidental charges had to be manually conveyed to the front desk manager, who would then make a note in the guest’s folio. He will then manually add them all during checkout. In such a system a lot of information can be lost due to change in shifts or lack of clear communication. Further, this delays the guest checkout process. A PMS-POS integrated system allows all charges to be automated and simplifies the billing process for all parties involved.

With an automated process, the hotel management can focus more on increasing revenue by having more options for the guests in terms of activities and services, and even think about creating an exclusive line of your hotel branded products.

Do you have multiple POS outlets? How are you managing them? Do you plan to have an integrated system that simplifies hotel reservations and increase revenue from POS points?

Point of Sale