special suites for newlyweds

The wedding season is approaching. Church bells are going to ring and brides are going to frantically look for their something blue. Something about the months of June through October makes them feel both magical and extremely stressful. In the middle of wedding season, hotels are full of guests, but everything is expected to go off without a hitch for the happy couple on their special day. While all of the wedding planning is happening, hotels need to vie for the business of the newlyweds. Not only should hotels work to book rooms for the guests of the hotel, they need to draw the attention of couples after they tie the knot.

A couple’s wedding day is overwhelming and post the strenuous ceremony the couple looks forward to retreating to their hotel room or suite to spend some time alone. Finding the perfect honeymoon suite is an enjoyable party of the planning process for many couples. The stress of the big day will have fallen off their shoulders and the fun will finally begin. The honeymoon is a time for the couple to relax, let loose and celebrate their new life together. There is a big opportunity for hotels to attract honeymooners, especially, if they are located in a vacation destination.

Additionally, even though the honeymoon suite is typically reserved for honeymoons, it is often used year-round by other guests who want to enjoy a romantic getaway with their special someone. As a hotel, you can increase their comfort and enjoyment by decorating their wedding suite with items that will help them relax and celebrate their first night as a married couple.

Here are the top 6 ways to make your hotel’s honeymoon suite the ultimate retreat:

Food and Beverages: Carefully select the food items that you would want to offer your guests in a gift basket or the mini-fridge of the room as couples are so often busy with the wedding rituals that they hardly find time to eat. Offer some delicious and filling treats that the newlyweds can recharge on. Make sure to include a celebratory drink like champagne or wine so that the newlyweds enjoy their first toast as a couple.

Toiletries: Brides are most likely to unwind as soon as they check-in after a hectic wedding ceremony so you can place special toiletries in the bathroom like a body wash, perfumes or scented candles. These items will help the bride relax after her big day. (Also Read: 10 Complimentary Things Your Hotel Can Offer)

Arrange a Special Dinner: You can surprise the newlyweds by arranging a candle-lit dinner by the pool-side of your hotel. Instruct your staff to make special arrangements for the dinner by decorating their table with flower petals and balloons. This little gesture from you will really make a difference and your guests will remember you for their lifetime.

Sight-Seeing Tour: Arrange for an exclusive sight-seeing tour for the newlyweds as they would love to explore the destination. Plan a tour to some romantic spots like mountains, lake-sides etc. and make them feel special.

Special Massages: Arrange for a special massage program for your guests. Offer them soothing massage packages that can be a part of the suite so that they can relax and rejuvenate after the tedious ceremony.

Movies and Music: Keep a set of romantic movies/music CDs in their suite so that they can enjoy themselves in the room, if they do not wish to step out.

Honeymooners want to feel like they are in their own world. If you have a stand-alone villa or area that is separate from the rest of the guest rooms that should be your suite. Set the right ambience. Everything from the towels to the lighting should be soft and romantic. Every inch of the room should be special. Offer unique amenities and services. Guests want to be pampered on their honeymoon. Provide things like special car services, room service or a couple’s massage that will come with the room.

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