Mobile technology in hotels

The digital revolution is here. And, as a hotelier, you certainly cannot ignore the shift of guest preferences towards hotel mobile apps. Many studies indicate a sharp rise in the adoption of mobile technology in hotels. Mobility, powered by internet, has changed the game for the hotel industry when it comes to engaging with guests and serving them competently.

This new technology in hotels is impacting guest expectations in many ways. Here are some of them –

  1. 1. 83% guests require hotel service promotions on their mobile devices
  2. 2. 70% of people who install mobile apps are reward members
  3. 3. 73% people use mobile apps for hotel booking in just The United States. This number is 67% across the whole world.
  4. 4. There is an 18% increase in room service orders via mobile apps
  5. 5. Riding high on mobile revolution, millennials are expected to make up 75% of hotel guests by 2020

The advantages of mobile automation for hotels are many. While major hotel chains have already made the move, mobile apps have become an operational necessity even for small and mid-sized hotels.

Why Mobile Technology in the Hospitality Industry is important for your hotel:

  1. 1. Faster payment processes online
  2. 2. Quick check-ins, check-outs
  3. 3. Complete room control to guests via mobile apps
  4. 4. Increase in online bookings
  5. 5. Reduced workload on your concierge
  6. 6. Increased guest loyalty
  7. 7. Upselling techniques for other non-room items
  8. 8. Improved staff efficiency

Mobile apps for the hotels bring in a host of convenience for hotel staff and guests. As smartphones are everywhere, there’s no reason why your staff shouldn’t be equipped with one. Let’s find out why.

Faster guest service

Time spent on responding to a guest’s query and request is a problem area for most hotels. When a guest raises a request, it becomes easy for your mobile-enabled staff to track and respond to the same instantly. This process reduces phone calls and multiple interactions.

Increase staff efficiency

It’s easy to streamline hotel operations with mobile apps. Use them to keep a check on guest requests, assign housekeeping duties, generate folios from POS outlets, and much more. Staff with limited technical knowledge can also use this technology with ease. This way, your staff can do much more in less time to ensure enhanced guest experience.

Predict trends, act accordingly

A mobile app for hotel staff gives you the power to predict customer behaviour. You gain valuable insights to guest activity and learn about their preferences. Your management team can use this data to offer personalized services and make better decisions based on current trends.

Save time, reduce costs

Mobility in the hotel industry is indeed a time-saver and it reduces operational costs, too. Your dependency on manpower is reduced- saving time and cutting down additional costs on staff maintenance. You can run multiple departments on the go – housekeeping, marketing, sales management, front desk, revenue management and more. Your smartphone device gives access to data anytime, anywhere. Complex tasks are simplified.

In order to implement mobility and mobile enable your staff, you need to look for a smart cloud-based PMS that brings your hotel management on to one platform. As a hotelier, you need to make the right move to adopt mobile apps for the hotel. So. are you ready to make the change?

This article is originally published in Hotel Online News

Mobile technology in hotels