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How Can Hotels Offer Personalized Fitness for Corporate Guests?


Create a workout hub for your hotel guests

Staying fit on the road can be difficult, but many businessmen and corporate women travelers want to make their health a priority. Just because they are traveling for business doesn’t mean that guests do not want to stay on track with their healthy lifestyle.

Many business travelers are used to the routine of jet setting across the nation and living out of suitcases. They have learned how to incorporate physical activity and smart dining options into their busy lifestyle, but a fitness-friendly trip requires a little bit of help from the hotelier.

If your guests are not in a mood to use the hotel’s fitness center or they want to have a quiet workout away from crowds, then you can offer the following fitness tools to your guests in their rooms

Create a workout hub for your hotel guests

These are a few basic amenities you can provide your guests during their stay. The best idea would be to inquire during the check-in as to how your guests would prefer the workout regime. Based on their preferences, you can instruct your staff to make the possible arrangements for your guests.

While there are plenty of ways to keep your guests active, one of the simplest way is to keep a few fitness magazines, DVDs or booklets behind the front desk. Have a booklet with rental information and a few suggested workouts listed in each room. So, when guests call down to the front desk, the items can be delivered to their room for temporary use.

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