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Hotelogix Ties up With EveryTech Solutions in Ghana to Gain Local Representation in the Region

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
HMS Infotech, the developers of Hotelogix, the next generation cloud-based property management system for mid and small size hospitality business, have recently entered into a partnership with EveryTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to resell Hotelogix in Ghana region.


With a tourism growth rate of around 12% to 19% pa, tourism industry is presently being hailed as the most important contributor in the Ghana’s economy. Talking about forex, it is one of the highet earners of foreign exchange for Ghana. The increasing number of tourists in the region further adds up the expectations in terms of standard of service from the hospitality industry in Ghana. This is where Hotelogix aspires to play a key role in Ghana’s hospitality industry. In the opinion of Mr. Deepak Chauhan, Director, Products for Hotelogix, they are highly excited about their association with EveryTech Solutions to enter into Ghana. Everytech has the right mix of desire, capability, determination and passion to penetrate into the hospitality industry in Ghana. This confidence is backed by a long term experience in servicing hospitality companies in Ghana.


Hotelogix offers easy adaptability to mid and small size hotels who do not have the finances and/or resources to invest in costly IT infrastructure. On the other hand, Hotelogix provides far more in comparison to traditional client server architecture solutions. Since such traditional systems are highly limited by technology, they are restricted by their ability to integrate with third party service and internet.


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