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Hotelogix Partners with Travelindex to Increase Web Visibility

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

1The internet is an extremely powerful tool for all businesses today but especially for the hospitality industry. With more and more customers, travel agents, bookers etc. opting to book online, it is crucial for hotels to have a strong global online presence. The benefits of greater visibility include better decision support, enhanced customer relationships, faster booking processes and greater brand recognition.

Now all this may sound easy for hotels that are 5 stars or part of an international chain but what about the small and mid-sized hotels? These hotels are so focused in managing the daily operations and finding software and systems for the same, that factors such as online presence or increasing traffic to their hotel’s website are thoroughly neglected.

Hotelogix and Travelindex shall provide the solution for them. A partnership between Hotelogix and Travelindex means that customers who use Hotelogix’s property management and distribution system shall automatically avail Travelindex’s Gold membership. This shall enable small and mid-sized hotels to get a worldwide footprint across the net which shall help garner traffic for their websites. This partnership is a great value-add for present and potential Hotelogix customers.

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