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Hotelogix : “Made in India, Selling Globally”


6We’ve all heard of pub crawls or restaurant crawls happening in Bangalore, and now this year we have something known as the startup crawl. The startup crawl would be conducted in various parts of Bangalore over 4 days from March 7th to March 11th as a Startup festival. It is an event celebrating Bangalore’s rise as a startup capital of India.

Hotelogix, when approached, was more than happy to be associated with an initiative of this kind. They were glad to share its successful story with budding entrepreneurs of the startup fraternity on how Hotelogix has been able to create a successful global brand using cloud as the medium to reach out to small and mid-sized hospitality businesses.

On Thursday, March 7th, Aditya Sanghi, the very versatile and enterprising co-founder and CEO of Hotelogix shall talk about how Hotelogix is “Made in India, Selling Globally”. Hotelogix’s property management system has customers in over 50 countries, and Aditya shall talk about how the journey took place.
Hotelogix shall share how it is redefining the method in which an Enterprise Solutions can be adopted and sold to people globally by using online as a medium.

The topic has already created a big impression and has generated quite a bit of interest, due to which Hotelogix shall take not one but two sessions on Thursday.

It’s still not late to sign up, if interested logon to and check out the schedule.