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Hotelogix Delivers Peace of Mind for this Hotel

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Data security has always been a critical issue for hotels of all sizes across the world. As technological advancements and market dynamics are changing the way hotels operate, information stored with hotels is becoming priceless, literally.


One of Hotelogix’s recent customers was facing regular problem of potential data theft in their hotel, wherein due to high attrition, the employees were fast changing and the hotel did not have complete faith in them. Some of the employees of the organization were found stealing critical customer data and passing it on to third parties.  The problems of this hotel were compounded by the fact that they lost a lot of important data due to virus attacks as well. The hotel was facing several other operational issues too.


As the information value rises every day, so do the costs associated with loss of data. A hotel faces all kinds of threats to its information today, including data theft by third parties/employees, misuse of customer data, data loss due to hardware problems, natural disasters, computer viruses, corrupt files, hard disk crashes etc.  Such data loss can lead to the following issues, as it had happened in the case of this client:


Direct financial burden: There are several expenses such as data recovery costs, possible legal expenditures like possible fines associated with consumer privacy laws, costs related to guest notifications etc. which could result from data loss.


Damage to the brand image: Brand development is a tiring process and takes a lot of resources and time. The brand equity built by an organization with its blood and sweat can be wiped away completely with a single incident of data theft/loss. The damage caused to a property’s reputation is incalculable and can lead to significant revenue erosion due to lower occupancy rates over a period of time.
This client was contemplating investing a huge amount in a traditional client server based on site property management system and IT security when they were recommended Hotelogix.


More and more hotel establishments are now opting for web based hotel systems like Hotelogix to provide an additional data security layer. In case of Hotelogix, all critical data is stored in centrally hosted highly secured Amazon data centers that have strong audit capabilities to log data access from the server.


Although data security is a very sensitive issue, it can be cost prohibitive and impractical for hotel owners to be able to maintain the desired diligence level in this area. Hotelogix was designed to shift the burden of IT management away from the hotel owners and allowing them to do what they’re best at – running their hotels. Amazon’s EC2 environment which hosts Hotelogix employs state of the art, updated technology and security measures such as redundant power supply, data backup, data mirroring, backup air conditioning, multiple internet connections, 24 hour onsite maintenance and security staff, updated and advanced anti-virus protocols etc.


As the value of information continues to increase, the cost of recovering lost data will also increase in the coming times. Hotelogix offers a highly effective alternative to traditional client server based systems. Apart from all the important features and functionalists, the best investment advantage that it offers is peace of mind when it comes to data security.