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Hotelogix and Tripvillas Announce a Path-breaking Partnership


8What does Asia’s largest vacation rental company look for when they want to provide premium property management solutions to over 15,000 of their clients across the world? They look for a software providing seamless management for their client’s properties. They want a solution that provides real time inventory that would ensure that if any room that gets booked on their service would get honored. It also ensures if there is any availability in the property, Tripvillas would have the availability as well, which gives a realistic chance to maximize business opportunities for both Tripvillas and its member property. Hotelogix as a solution is here to power Tripvillas with this capability.

It’s a proud moment for Hotelogix, when Asia’s largest vacation rental company, Tripvillas partnered with us and chose us to provide a path breaking solution to its customers. Tripvillas’ clients range from Innkeepers, professional property managers and various vacation communities and luxury developments across the globe.

In this age of everything instant, nobody planning for a holiday wants to wait around for someone to get back to them confirming whether rooms are available for a particular date. If I’m on the computer or phone, I want to book my holiday RIGHT NOW.  This is where Hotelogix comes in.

Hotelogix shall power Tripvillas’ new product, Tripvillas Pro, which shall enable their client’s to manage their room availability in real time. Thus a person planning for a holiday in any one of the numerous Tripvillas properties shall get immediate confirmation of whether a room would be available on their preferred date.

Tripvillas Pro will also manage the daily operations of a property. How you may ask? Well for instance whether housekeeping has prepared rooms for check-in, or selling of add-ons to onsite facilities such as Tennis Court, Spa, Gift Shop etc. or services like City Tours, Adventure Activities etc. Hotelogix’s solutions shall help the clients of Tripvillas to manage their properties in a quick, convenient and extremely easy to use manner.

Aditya Sanghi CEO Hotelogix says “We are excited to partner with TripVillas as they have a wide reach and in-depth understanding of this market segment. Gone are the days when properties are unable to manage their inventories in real time and therefore resulting in non-selling of available rooms or worse yet selling rooms which have already been sold. Hotelogix shall manage all these obstacles and shall provide a solution that is simple to use, easy to adapt and very cost effective