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Hotel Management System/Property Management System – Why you need it

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
How are various operations managed in your hotel? Are they still being handled in the old pen and paper way? Is the old system working well for your hotel, without any mishaps? If not, are you considering investing in a property management system or a hotel management system? Hotel management software are being actively used by properties of all sizes all over the world nowadays. In fact they are known to be far efficient in comparison to the old pen and paper system.
What is a normal busy day like in your property, in the absence of an efficient property management system? Do you often face situations like these –
You receive a call from a prospective client wanting to book a room in your property, but you have to turn down the request as the room in question has already been booked by someone else. However, you find out later that the expected guest is a no show, without any guarantee! Does this happen often in your establishment – at least a few times per month?
Have you ever noticed chaos at your property’s front desk? It could be that the front desk executive had to go out urgently for inspection of a certain room and couldn’t attend to customer calls during that time. This is simply loss of potential business and unprofessional service from the perspective of customers. With a property management system on a laptop, your front desk executives can carry all updated records with themselves, even if they have to sometimes leave the desk.
Regardless of the size of your property, be it a small size or mid size establishment, a property management system like Hotelogix can do wonders to the efficiency of its operations.