Cloud based GDS hospitality

Combatting the High Season Rush


9Peak season, 100% hotel occupancy, simultaneous group check ins, numerous calls requesting room rates and availability, a long queue of people waiting to have their check out bills ready …. A hoteliers best dream and worst nightmare all rolled into one.

For a hotel, it goes without saying that an efficient system is a vital need 365 days a year but during a high season rush it would be professional hara-kiri to not have a reliable one in place.

The best and most logical solution here is to have unified systems available.  A system which allows the hotel to manage check-ins, reservations, accounts and revenues, room allotment, GDS, online booking and much more in an absolutely simplistic and seamless manner.

Does this sound too good to be true? Actually it isn’t. The answer here is to have easy to use and advanced property management solutions that can manage the critical functioning of a hotel in the most straightforward way possible and manage complete ambit of their distribution seamlessly.  Keeping in mind that the employee turnover rate in the hotel industry is extremely high, the system should be easy to teach and not require hours of training.

The answer is to find an effective cloud based solution that offers all that you might ever need as a Hotel Management Software to run your Hospitality Business smoothly.

I can sense the questions here now:  How can one system take care of all these issues? Even if it is one system, it must cost an obscene amount? And where do I get the infrastructure to support all these systems? How many different computers would I require?

It really isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Cloud based services centralizes operations of a Property including their Reservations, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Spa, Restaurant, Groups Bookings, other POS‘s and even their Hotel Website on a unified platform. PMS, channel management, GDS, online booking all are taken care off.  Even multiple properties can be managed from anywhere in the world and that too in real time.

And no!! You don’t need to make a frantic call to your IT department, there is nothing to install and the software runs on a browser. All of its features are integrated into a single web-based system. Your present computers with their internet connections should be good enough.

This is a revolution for small and mid-sized hospitality businesses, as they can do everything with their existing resources as such systems are extremely simple and efficient to use. These systems are easy to access; they are uncomplicated and are made to support multi-tasking for a multi-functional person at the front desk.

This software is the best tool to help maximize your profit and minimize your workload.