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Go Contactless Post COVID: The Complete Contactless Suite


Go Contactless Post COVID with Complete Contactless Suite

Hotels all around the world are changing the way they operate. With the arrival of COVID-19, travel has changed. While there may eventually be a return to what was once considered normal, you are likely to find that many of the technologies that have been put in place in the past several months are likely to stay. These contactless technologies are essential currently, but they will likely become a part of the new normal going forward.

Contactless technology helps to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, and it helps the guests and the employees of your hotel feel safe. Fortunately, Hotelogix has a fantastic contactless suite that will make it easy for you to incorporate it into your hotel. Hotelogixs and Xperium by RepUp are now providing a full contactless suite that you can start using for your business. Contactless tech can provide you with the benefits that your hotel needs right now. Let’s get a closer look.

Recovery Is Possible

Around the world, COVID-19 put a halt to travel. While some countries, such as the United States, are not out of the proverbial woods quite yet, we are seeing things start to open up. Many people find that they have to travel for work, or they may need to find a getaway to reinvigorate their minds after such a long lockdown. However, we’re all aware that the virus is still out there and that it still needs to be taken seriously. Recovery is possible for the world and the hotel industry, but it needs to be done right.

Contactless technology is one of the keys to this. Many guests will not want to have contact with anyone when they arrive at the hotel. They certainly do not want to stand in a line with other people who are checking into the property. In the past, this was standard for hotels. However, social distancing is the norm today, and this needs to be adhered to for health and safety. People do not want to come face to face with staff during check-in or check-out. With the right contactless technology like that offered by Hotelogix, it is possible.

With this technology, you can still run a great hotel without compromising social distancing. Guests can bypass the front desk entirely and go right to their rooms. They can check-in, choose their room, access the room, and check-out with as little contact with other people as possible. There are payment integrations and automated feedback that will make the process fast and simple.

In addition to helping with the process of checking in and out of the hotel, there are other contactless benefits that Hotelogix can offer. For example, when staying at a hotel, many people are going to be ordering food to their rooms. They want to maintain social distancing when they are getting their food, too. Contactless delivery of the food through room service is possible. This is a benefit that guests are sure to appreciate.

Understanding The Contactless System

For those who have been in the hotel business for years and who are accustomed to the traditional ways of doing things, the technology might seem strange. How could it be possible to limit contact with the guests and still ensure the property is running properly? Fortunately, it is easier than many realize. While it might seem complex, it does the same thing that a person at the front desk would do, albeit digitally.

Guests will upload any required documentation needed when checking into the hotel. The system has optical character recognition, which can auto-fill the fields with the information from the scans. The person at the front desk can then review, verify, and accept the check-in without having any contact with the guest. Additionally, hotels can collect health declarations from guests, which allows them to ensure the conditions are hygienic. This will help to reduce the risk of an outbreak at the hotel.

Guests using the system from Hotelogix are even able to choose their rooms with the contactless system. This is a huge benefit and one that guests are sure to appreciate. The check-out process works similarly. The payment integrations ensure that the process is fast and simple and that there is no need for contact with the staff.

Adding Hotelogix to your hotel can provide a wide range of benefits in addition to contactless technology. It becomes easier to manage many different aspects of the property. This can make it possible to ensure that staff is not congregated in certain areas, such as when cleaning, to help reduce the risk of an outbreak.

Get Trained Without Contact

While contactless features are often associated with the guests at the hotel, the technology can help the staff, too. With the right technology, it becomes possible to ensure the hotel staff is properly trained without relying on a traditional classroom or any human involvement. The staff can be certified on Hotelogix PMS and ACE. The various certification and tasks can be curated and assigned to the staff to test their skills.

With Hotelogix Automated Coaching Engine and Contactless Certification, admins and trainers can create various certifications as a means to test the skills and the knowledge of their staff. Each of the certifications features different sections and tasks. The admins can choose which tasks to be used for certification and can allot marks for each of those tasks. After setting up the certification, it can then be assigned to any of the members of the staff. The staff member will then have a certain timeframe to complete the test. After they successfully complete the task, they will then receive a certificate that shows their credibility.

This ensures that everyone is on board and knows how to use the system properly. They do not need in-person training, which will be appreciated. They can get the job done without putting themselves or others at risk.

Even Marketing Will Change

Prior to COVID-19, marketing would often focus on things like the price, the location of the room, and the benefits that the hotel could offer. While these elements will still be important to travelers, there is a new aspect that needs to be tackled in your marketing, as well. You need to let the prospective guests know more about the safety protocols you have in place and what you are doing to keep the guests safe.

Here are some of the ways that hoteliers can better market their property.

  • Use social media to let potential guests know about safety measures in place
  • Create videos that show how the staff is ensuring guest safety during the pandemic
  • Explain in detail in a blog post, video, and on social media how contactless check-in will work

Using contactless technology for the guests, as well as the staff, will be very important. Showing the guests what you are doing to keep them safe will make them more likely to book with your hotel. It is an important part of marketing that you do not want to overlook. You can be sure that this is something that potential guests are going to be looking for when booking rooms.

What Will Happen In The Future?

Since crystal balls do not work, there is no way to predict the future with 100% accuracy. However, it is possible to have at least a basic idea of how things are likely to play out. Currently, with COVID-19 still so dangerous, the technologies that are incorporated are essential for safe and effective hotel operation. The ability to offer these services to your guests will help you to stand out from those that do not offer this tech. Where do you think customers will be more comfortable staying? They understand the importance of safety, and they will want to stay at hotels that offer contactless check-in and check-out. Make sure you have the tech for your hotel.

Eventually, the pandemic will come to an end. When that will happen is not certain, but the danger will eventually pass. Even when it does, some hotels will likely want to continue using this technology, as it can make many aspects of running the hotel easier. Faster check-ins and check-outs will always be important, and this tech will help immensely. Contactless technology could very well be here forever, and that might be a good thing.

Integrate The Technology To Your Hotel

Contactless tech is easier than ever to integrate thanks to Hotelogix. If you want to ensure that your hotel survives and even thrives during this time, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The sooner you start to incorporate the technology the better. It will help to ensure safety for your guests and staff, and it will help you attract more visitors during the pandemic.

Provide a safer stay with Hotelogix Contactless Check in