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Expand Your Market Using Centralized Distribution System


Unified Distribution System to Maximize ProfitIf your property is stuck in a rut and you can’t seem to expand your market reach, you may need to shake things up a bit. In a hectic and complex industry plenty of factors are constantly in play, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the stagnation. While it isn’t always one particular cause, one solution can often streamline and expand your property’s market reach.

A centralized distribution system is a management program where room sales, inventory and rate setting are sent through to OTAs, GDS, mobile and social media outlets. Instead of having a separate medium to send out to each of these entities, a centralized approach will simplify the process and broaden the reach. Having a centralized pool of rooms to advertise is far better than allotting a number of rooms to each channel separately. If one channel under-performs and another over-performs, you can divide the rooms up accordingly at no loss to you. This efficient way of allotting rooms will maximize your reach and, in turn, your profits.

By centralizing your distribution centers, you will be able to unify your property’s rate management as well. With rate parity becoming a hot issue, it is important to keep an eye on even rates across platforms. With a centralized system you don’t have to worry about updating each platform. With one click, all the rates will be sent out at once. You can easily define your single rate and let the system calculate the conversions and publish the rates across all the channel destinations.

Another perk of a centralized dashboard is that you can see bookings from all different sources in one easy-to-manage platform. You can quickly analyze your number of sales from different channels and measure effectiveness to improve your business. You will rid yourself of the headaches that come with going back and forth between multiple mediums and calculating numbers. So if you’re looking for a way to expand your market reach and simplify your books, try unifying your distribution systems. One simple move could make the world of difference.