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Cloud PMS is the key to multi-property management


Multi-property management system

Running a multi-property is definitely not easy. Hoteliers have to juggle between room inventories, rates, reservations and departments which may lead to multiple errors and loss of opportunities due to dynamic changes in room availabilities and rates. The business center of multi-property is usually situated in a different location, therefore, monitoring and analyzing interactions with the business center becomes cumbersome. This is where a property management system comes to the rescue as it gives a centralized control for managing group properties. The properties can be aplenty and located in any geography; you don’t have to worry as the software takes care of every functionality, manages departments and guests. When it comes to staff monitoring, inventory or rate management, handling outlets or enhancing guest experience, even a single property struggles without a PMS. And for multi-properties, the management is bigger and if there are no adequate technology tools, it may result in severe slip-ups.

Earlier, management of multiple properties required various systems to handle each property, so hoteliers worked on multiple systems to monitor and keep each property’s information organized. With the evolving technology trends, hoteliers don’t have to do this anymore as the performance and growth of a property should not be hindered by absence of technology tools. Most hoteliers worry about how to manage multiple properties, we think the answer to this lies in cloud PMS.

Why Cloud PMS?

Investing in a web-based PMS lets you handle all the member properties, their operations, business relations, guests, travel agents and corporate clients from anywhere, on basic internet connection. The software helps reduce the IT infrastructure and overheads that run across the properties in case of on-premise systems. Here are some of the advantages of Cloud PMS:

Better control: Multiple properties can be centrally managed through the Super Admin feature which includes room rates, inventories, reservations, POS, reports and more. So, you have one hand that does everything!

Central distribution: Rate management and distribution for the group properties can be carried out centrally from a single point.

Increased guest experience: The guest data like guest preferences and behavioral trends are saved so that the member properties can utilize it to provide a satisfying experience to the guest prior to his/her arrival.

Money and time saving: Since the properties get controlled centrally, it significantly brings down the expenses like IT infrastructure, manpower, set-up, training and retraining costs. Hoteliers can save a lot of time since operations are automated.

Anytime anywhere access: Hoteliers will be able to check-in/out guests, monitor housekeeping stats or browse through reports even if they are not present at their property. Since cloud requires just a basic internet connection, it can be browsed from mobile, tablet or smartphones.

multiple property management system

Hotelogix’s PMS has a simple-to-use dashboard with a drop-down menu that lets you easily add the properties and choose the one you want to access. Moreover, you find all the relevant information such as the data, revenues, reservations, reports, guest details, department stats in a single screen. This interface lets you access the member properties which provide a better control over your business. Some of the quick features mentioned below:

– Secured bookings across all properties on a single dashboard

– Single user can login to access all the multi-properties

– Users can easily switch between properties through a simple drop-down option

– Guest preferences, history, reports and revenues can be easily tracked

– Review hotel performance across all properties

– Create multiple users to manage multiple properties

– Guest, staff and other important data gets saved centrally

– Language and currency preferences can be set according to the geography type

Running multiple properties is a great business decision but any kind of delay or mishap in communication between properties or real-time booking updates can lead to serious brand damage. Cloud PMS solves this challenge of managing multiple operations and the easy-to-adapt features will help you take good control of the various properties with less errors and more assurance.

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