enhancing guest experience for business travelers

It may come as no revelation to you that enhancing guest experience drives revenue growth. But this isn’t just boardroom hearsay statement or a new-age marketing mumbo-jumbo! Consider this stat by from this Forrester research.

Customer Experience leaders showed a considerably higher revenue growth when compared to CX laggards. In their own words, CX leaders witnessed a Compound Annual Revenue Growth of 17% over five years compared to just 3% for CX laggards.

Three Stat-Based Guest Experience Hacks to Lure Business Travelers

When it comes to delivering an impeccable hotel guest experience, especially to business travelers, nothing compares to data-driven insights. This is why we’ve put together a list of three stats that will help you serve your business travelers efficiently.

1. 514 million business trips were made within the US in 2017 (Source)

And this number is projected to grow by 6.1 percent by the end of 2018. Domestic business travel in the US presents an excellent opportunity for hoteliers to cash in and enhance guest experience for travelers in this segment.

Offering irrefutable offers and discounts to business and corporate travelers is one of the simplest ways to improving guest experience. Make sure your online presence is unmissable. This not only helps you build credibility, but also makes you visible for organizations, and individual business travelers alike, to find you and tie up with you.

2. The average business traveler is 45.9 years old (Source)

Guest expectations vary with each demographic. Keeping this in mind, while designing your hotel’s business guest travel experience, can be beneficial for you. Merely offering the business traveler all the amenities he expects will not suffice. You will also have to cater to the guest based on their age.

When it comes to improving business traveler experience, the devil is in the detail. Pay attention to any specific requests that the guest may have – in-room dining specifications, food allergies (if any), room preferences, etc. – and deliver a personalized experience. These are guests who are probably attending a career-changing conference, a high-stress business meet or even a really intense networking event. Whatever the scenario, older business travelers expect their business travel accommodation to be their haven. Design a hotel guest experience which realizes this expectation.

3. Women account for almost 47% of all business travelers (Source)

While it is crucial to deliver demographic-specific hotel guest experiences, it also pays to be gender-sensitive while doing so. Experiences are extremely subjective, which is why, as a hotelier, you need to walk that extra mile in understanding your guests better. Excerpts from the 2016 Women in Business report puts a lot of things in perspective:

77% of female business travelers say their company’s travel programmes should take account of their specific gender needs.

What are these gender-specific needs?


  1. 31.4% of female business traveler have encountered sexual harassment while travelling. Providing a safe business guest experience can set your hotel apart from the rest of the crowd.
  2. 75.3 percent of the women said their companies should prioritize suppliers who pay special attention to the needs of the female travelers.

enhancing guest experience for business travelers